Everything You Need To Know About Best Fountain For Hummingbirds

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Find out what it takes to have the best fountain for hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are beautiful and magical little creatures, aren’t they? Most people, not just gardeners, would simply be thrilled to notice a hummingbird in their garden. To entice them you need to make the right hummingbird garden plan. To be attractive and successful, it is essential to place the right birdbath in the right place. They deserve it, don’t they?

So, today we will say a few words about the best fountain for hummingbirds. Keep reading and find out all the details.

Hummingbirds & Water Source, What Is The Connection Between Them?

Before we talk about the best fountain for hummingbirds, it’s important to understand why they need access to clean water at all.

Namely, unlike many birds, hummingbirds do not often visit water sources to drink. Wondering why? This is because they get all the fluid they need from the nectar and sugar water they feed on. The nectars they consume provide almost all of their hydration and nutrition.

However, don’t be fooled as they still need a fountain to wash the sticky residue off their feathers and keep their plumage in top condition for insulation and efficient flight. Finally, the fountain has another very important role; it allows them to cool off on a warm, summer day. Every smart birder will strive to invest in the best fountain for hummingbirds, as it will allow them to watch these small birds bathe and preen on hot summer days.

 Do hummingbirds like bubblers?

What Is A Hummingbird Fountain?

Simply put, fountains are places intended for hummingbirds to perch and take advantage of the water. These are places for the grooming and resting of these animals, characterized by shallow places where water flows over ledges, lips, and rims.

If you want to have the best fountain for hummingbirds, try making or buying a fountain with small bubbles and a rough texture such as slate slabs. Namely, they are ideal because they give the little birds plenty of space to access the water where they feel safe and comfortable.

Key Features Of Best Fountain For Hummingbirds

Find out below the essential things you need to provide if you want to have the best hummingbird fountain. Since hummingbirds are so beautiful and petite, their water needs are different from that of larger birds’. Well, let’s get to the point.

 Do hummingbirds like water misters?

Make It Bright

It’s no secret that these cute little creatures flock toward bright colors. Colors such as red indicate the presence of nutritious nectar. Therefore, choose bright colors, and as a result, you will have the best fountain for hummingbirds.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the red color spectrum, feel free to choose any other color including stone, metallic, or concrete. For better performance, you can also place a few brightly colored flowers near the hummingbird fountain to make sure that you catch their attention.

Keep It Shallow

Traditional places to enjoy, bathe, and drink water are usually too deep. Accordingly, if you want to have the best fountain for hummingbirds, make sure it has shallower areas. Namely, hummingbirds are quite small and therefore can feel insecure if your fountain does not have enough shallow parts in which they could spend their time.

To achieve this you can simply add stones, gravel, or rocks to the bottom in order to create a more shallow splashing area. In addition, you will create a safer, less slippery surface.

DIY Project; The Best Fountain For Hummingbirds

This is such a simple and at the same time unique project that anyone can do, it is enough to have a little patience and will.

 How deep should a hummingbird bird bath be?

Required material:

  • Bowl. The ideal one is no more than 5 inches deep. Keep in mind that you need something that will fit the pump and some fist-sized rocks.
  • Submersible pump. You can use a solar or electric submersible pump.
  • Rocks

A step-by-step guide to making the best fountain for hummingbirds

  • Simply place the pump in the center of your bowl.
  • Decorate with rocks as desired; it is only important to be in a circle around the pump.
  • After you finish decorating, add enough water to cover the pump except for the top of the nozzle. Keep in mind that the tops of the rocks should not be covered with water; otherwise, your hummingbirds will not have a place where they can land safely.
  • Finally, place the bowl in the location of your choice.
  • Also, if you use a solar pump, make sure the solar panel is in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight.

That would be it, you are done with making your own hummingbird fountain.


Is there a person in the world who is not happy when he sees a little hummingbird in his garden? We don’t think so.

By providing water to hummingbirds, you can enjoy watching these spectacular birds. Plus, in addition to quenching their thirst and helping them stay healthy, you give them the reassurance that they can always return to your hummingbird-friendly backyard.

Now you know all about the best fountain for hummingbirds. If you have any questions, please write them to us in the section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What Kind Of Fountain Do Hummingbirds Like?

Hummingbirds adore easily accessible fountains that have ample shallow places where they could groom, drink water, and rest.

Do Hummingbirds Like Water Misters?

Yes, hummingbirds really like water misters. They are attracted by the noise, the airborne sparkles, and glistening leaves. Also, if the mist is light enough, you can expect hummingbirds to fly through or hover in it.

Do Hummingbirds Like Bubblers?

That's right, hummingbirds love bubblers, especially fountains with small bubblers.

Take a look at this article as well.

How Deep Should A Hummingbird Bird Bath Be?

In terms of depth, the ideal bird bath should not be deeper than 3.5 cm. Namely, anything deeper than that can either drown these little creatures or attract large predators.