Black Chinned Hummingbird Call

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Black-chinned hummingbird is a type of hummingbird species that occupies a wide range of habitats in North America. Just like every other hummingbird species, the Black-chinned hummingbirds have calls and songs. Black-chinned hummingbird call is what we will be looking into in this post.

Hummingbirds engage in different fascinating activities and these birds also engage in melodious calls or songs. It can be pretty helpful for birders to be able to recognize the sounds of hummingbirds as this is another way to be able to easily identify these bird species.

So, let’s enlighten ourselves by looking into the Black-chinned hummingbird call and some facts about them. We will also briefly look into hummingbird’s call or sound generally.

Black-Chinned Hummingbird: Some Facts About Them

Here are some interesting facts about Black-chinned hummingbirds:

  • Black chinned hummingbird is a small hummingbird species that the adult is characterized by a back green body and white color below their green flank.
  • They also have this long, straight, and very slender bill.
  • The adult male of the black chinned hummer has this black face and chin. This bird doesn’t really have much bright color on its throat except a tiny strip of iridescent purple surrounding its black chin. But this purple iridescent tiny strip is mostly visible when the right light hits the spot. So, don’t be surprised if you only notice this bird’s entire head and throat look black as opposed to the thin strip of purple you ought to see.
  • These amazing black chinned hummingbird species are exceptionally widespread and they are found from desert to mountain forests. However, many of these bird species tend to winter along the Gulf Coast.
  • Black chinned hummingbirds love to perch off the very top of a bare tree.
  • They tend to be migratory in most parts of the United States.
  • This hummingbird species are solitary and they have this territorial behavior. They can exhibit territorial character around feeders. The females and the males can also behave in a defensive manner, especially during their breeding season.
  • Black chinned hummers have the ability to dive up to 40 to 60 feet high during display performance in courtship. Then they generate a variety of tones as air passes through their feathers during their dive.

 black chinned hummingbird

Hummingbird Calls And Hummingbird Sound

Hummingbird makes different kinds of fascinating sounds and this sound can be music to our ears and may even help get our day started on the right path.

These lustrous hummers can make both vocal and non-vocal sounds. Different species of hummer tend to have varying sounds.

For instance, some species of hummingbirds tend to make a chirping sound that ends with a softer and gentler tone. Then some other hummingbird species can make chit sounds and this sound tends to be harsh and sharp.

Some of these calls of these iridescent birds may even sound that is trilling, buzzing, or warbling. Now all these types of sound can be a good way to determine the type of hummingbird species around even without seeing them. Their sound alone may help with identifying the type of hummingbird species you have close by.

The vocal sounds of hummingbird (from the word vocal) mean they make this sound using their voice box.

On the other hand, the non-vocal sounds of hummingbirds tend to be aerodynamic sounds. These non-vocal sounds are generated with their wings and tail feathers. As it’s popularly known that these sweet hummers can generate sound with their wings and the sound generated is the “hum” sound. Now, this is how and where the name hummingbird is derived from.

Another on-vocal sound hummingbird makes apart from the hummingbird from their wings is the chirping sound. This sound is made from the tail of some hummingbird species.

The male Anna’s hummingbird species are particularly known to exhibit this chirruping sound with their tail. This bird makes this sound during their courtship period and he will fly high and dive down close to the female hummer he is trying to entice. Then ad he plummets down, his tail vibrates and makes a chirping sound.

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Black-Chinned Hummingbird Sound

Black-chinned hummingbird makes vocal and non-vocal sounds just like every other hummingbird species.

These black-chinned hummers can flap their wings up to 50 times per second. Their wingbeat tends to generate a humming sound and this sound is a non-vocal sound. Then this black-chinned hummingbird can also generate some vocal short notes known as bird calls.

Below are more details on the bird calls of black-chinned hummingbirds.

 black chinned hummingbird sound

Black-Chinned Hummingbird Call

This black chinned hummingbird tends to make short, fast, and soft call notes. The call sound of the black chinned hummingbirds is usually acoustically complex and they generate a note that is ordered in a non-random pattern. Their calls are usually more complex than their songs.

Other Hummingbird Species Song And Call

Let’s look into a few species of hummingbirds’ call and song:

  • Anna’s hummingbird

Anna’s hummingbirds have one of the longest distinctive songs that can last for 10 seconds or more. The sound these birds make is a series of buzz, then they make a clearer and more tuneful whistle. This is then followed by a more emphatic chip note. Then Anna’s hummingbird may repeat the entire set of buzz-whistle-chip sounds all over.

Although this sound Anna’s hummingbird may not sound like that of a hummingbird, if you can identify this sound, you should be to locate singing males of Anna’s hummingbird.

Then the calls of Anna’s hummingbird are short series of sharp chip notes. And this may be given one at a time to make a twittering sound.

  • Ruby-throated hummingbird

 hummingbird calls

The songs Ruby-throated hummers tend to make are a constant series of monotonous chips just at daybreak.

Then the calls of Ruby-throated hummers make is an even chee-dit exchange between individual hummers or when they chase each other.

Final Say

Black chinned hummingbird call is a unique kind of sound and we have highlighted their sounds in this article. So, we hope you’ve been enlightened about their calls.


What is the difference between a ruby-throated hummingbird and a black-chinned hummingbird?

Ruby-throated hummers have a longer tail and this tail extends beyond their wingtips. Black chinned on the other hand has longer wings and these wings can reach the tip of the tail but it can also slightly go beyond this.