Do Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus Flowers? A Short Guide for Easier Understanding

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Do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers? Check out this article, you might be surprised to learn the truth.

Do you agree with us when we say that hummingbirds are actually a celebration of environmental stewardship with every iridescent feather?

There is hardly a person who doesn’t cheer up when realizes that has managed to do a good job and provide a perfect garden for these birds. For those of you newbies just learning how to attract these birds to your property, all you have to do is try to provide them with food and shelter year after year, step by step, with a variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, wildflowers, and annuals.

This is exactly why we decided to dedicate this article to one plant that bugs most of you, and that is hibiscus. Do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers? Keep reading and find out many interesting facts below.

Are Hummingbirds Hungry Creatures?

As gentle as they look, hummingbirds’ hunger is almost insatiable. These birds can really eat a lot of food. You will probably be amazed to hear that hummingbirds eat 5 to 8 meals an hour. Yes, you read that right, just to survive one day these birds need to eat as many as 5 to 8 meals in just one hour. What a fascinating thing to hear, isn’t it?

We were even more surprised to hear that they usually eat half their weight in sugar daily. In addition to the nectar they get from plants planted in your gardens, hummingbirds also consume sap, and small insects to meet their more than dynamic and energetic lifestyle.

Are Hummingbirds Hungry Creatures

They are most happy when they fly into yards full of brightly colored flowers, rich in nectar. All those who hate the creepy-crawly creatures especially appreciate the presence of these smallest birds in the world, because they help in the garden by eating an abundance of small insects, such as aphids.

We know they love all kinds of colorful plants, but do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers? Well, all you have to do is keep reading and find out.

Do Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus Flowers?

Before you find out the answer to this question, let us introduce you to the plant.

In short, the amazing plant called hibiscus is native to warmer, subtropical, and tropical regions and includes everything from shrubs to small trees and herbaceous plants. It has characteristic, far-known large, trumpet-shaped flowers that usually have five or more petals.

What gardeners and casual passers-by especially like is the fact that the plant blooms in a wide range of colors that vary from white, pink, orange, red, yellow, and purple, all the way to wonderful multi-hued patterns.

Since the blossoms open wide, it’s no wonder they attract pollinators. Bees are just crazy about this plant, but what about these jewel-like birds? Do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers? For most of you, the answer was quite clear from the description of the plant itself, but it is not out of place to state that these birds not only love, but adore this plant.

Does Hibiscus Attract Hummingbirds?

No less, no more, hibiscus is fantastic at attracting hummingbirds. Given that it comes in an array of vibrant colors, unique scents, and a handy nectar-sharing shape, hibiscus and hummingbirds have an inseparable bond.

Based on the opinions and experience of our dear readers, we could come to the conclusion that this plant is definitely a favorite bloom among hummingbirds in the USA.

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Where Does Such Love Come From?

It’s no secret that hibiscus offers an incredible treat for all senses, not only for pollinators but also for humans. However, as far as we could tell, the hummingbirds seem to be barely restraining themselves from landing on this flower.

From the moment they wake up until it’s time to go to sleep, these birds are on the hunt for large, colorful flowers that give off a strong bouquet and promise nectar. When everything is added up and subtracted, it’s no wonder that the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers” is exactly what it is.

As we mentioned earlier, these plant flowers can be found in many different types and varieties, not to mention colors, so they are just too hard to ignore. Although hummingbirds are creatures of sight rather than smell, it is difficult to confirm whether they are immune to the distinct, pleasant scent of hibiscus.

We believe that the characteristic smell of this plant makes the hummingbird’s journey to the nectar even more desirable. It’s up to science to confirm or disprove your opinion of us.

Also, we mustn’t forget to mention the most important thing, the abundance of nectar is exactly what drives the hummingbird toward the hibiscus. Given that they are known as one of the biggest gluttons in the bird kingdom and are always on the lookout for large, bright flowers, hummingbirds will not miss the opportunity to take a sip or two of the sweet liquid from this flower.

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Does Hibiscus Type & Color Matter?

It is vital to emphasize that there are two primary different kinds of hibiscus, more precisely, tropical and perennial varieties. As for the preferences of these birds, in short, there are none, they like both.

In terms of color, hibiscuses are one of the favorite red flowers for hummingbirds. However, they will enjoy any of the other colors the plant comes in. We suggest you go for variety as this is the surest way to get beautiful flowers of different colors and see for yourself which color is their favorite.

That’s it, now you know the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like hibiscus flowers”.


Final Thoughts: Do Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus Flowers?

The big, bold presence of hibiscus flowers is nothing less than eye-catching.

So, do hummingbirds like hibiscus? The answer is yes. Besides providing plenty of nutrients for hummingbirds, these flowers have an ideal shape for them to eat out of. Don’t hesitate to plant them as it is the best-proven way to add drama and intrigue to a blooming yard.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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