Do Hummingbirds Like Honeysuckle? Meet The Flower Of The Day

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Do hummingbirds like honeysuckle? Take a look at this article to find out!

Hummingbirds and fresh, nectar-rich flowers have a special bond. Their love is mutual. The flowers are there to give these birds a quick burst of energy, and the hummingbirds on the other hand are there to pollinate the flowers.

If you are looking to attract hummingbirds to your yard, you are probably looking for the ideal plants to plant. We know they rave about Bee Balm, Cardinal Flower, and Bleeding Heart, but do hummingbirds like Honeysuckle? Stay here to find out.

Meet The Flower Of The Day

Before we discover the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like honeysuckle“, we think it would be a good idea to first introduce you to the plant we are going to talk about today, shall we?

Honeysuckle is a genus consisting of approximately 180 different species of ornamental shrubs and climbers of the Caprifoliaceae family. This plant is native to the temperate zones of both hemispheres and can therefore be grown anywhere in the world, from the Himalayas to North Africa, although China is very much in the lead.

We shouldn’t be surprised by its spread, as it can be grown by anyone, from the very beginner to the gardener with many years of experience, and the best of all is that it thrives in ordinary garden soil without requiring any special care. As for appearance, this beauty can be grown as evergreen or deciduous, with simple yet astonishing dark green to blue-green leaves arranged oppositely along the stems.

Meet The Flower Of The Day

Most species have two-lipped fragrant, tubular flowers that bloom in gorgeous bright pinks, oranges, yellows, or whites. What we don’t want to miss saying is that it is possible to grow varieties that have a unique two-colored flower.

The flowers, in addition to smelling beautiful, are rich in nectar, which is why they are loved by numerous pollinators, from bees to wasps and butterflies. But on the other hand, what about the world’s smallest birds, do hummingbirds like honeysuckle?

Do Hummingbirds Like Honeysuckle?

Given that these birds have long thin beaks and long tongues, they cannot drink nectar from every type of flower equally successfully. No matter how many species of flowers you have in your garden, these birds will always choose to feed on brightly colored tubular ones as they tend to produce much more nectar than others.

Among the multitude of flowers hummingbirds like, those with bright colors that are orange, yellow, and purple are definitely included, however, there are also records that they drank nectar even from the blue ones. It is only important that they are not double-flowered, because such forms aren’t really accessible to these tiny pollinators.

As we have already stated, the flower we are talking about today has all the characteristics that these birds adore, so accordingly the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like honeysuckle” is affirmative.

These jewel-like birds have evolved alongside the tubular, colorful, and fragrant flowers for thousands of years, and precisely because of this hummingbird and honeysuckle are considered to be the right combination, the ideal pair.

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Do Hummingbirds Like Honeysuckle?

Can we make a note or a warning, whatever it is called? The hummingbird-honeysuckle attraction is so strong that if you aren’t careful where you place these flowers, you can put yourself in danger. The thing is that if you place these flowers near your front door or window, you risk being hit by these birds when they flock to your fragrant and colorful vine.

As we have already emphasized, this plant is simply rich in nectar and is an excellent source of quick energy and aroma for these always-hungry creatures. Also, another thing that we mustn’t forget to mention is that when growing and pruning this plant, you must take some important precautions such as avoiding harming the birds with fertilizer or cutting down the nest.

Now that you know the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like honeysuckle”, let us teach you a few more details that we think you might find useful, shall we?

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Choose Native Instead Of Invasive

Honeysuckle is a genus consisting of approximately 180 different species, but only about a tenth of them are native to North America, therefore, we heartily advise you to stick only to these for the purpose of preserving your own health, the population of small hummers as well as the well-being of the entire community.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that the illegal planting of invasive species can disrupt the local environment and attract unwanted insects into the area. In some cases, this may not cause any harm to cats, dogs, or perhaps horses, but it certainly can (and will) do a lot to sensitive creatures like hummingbirds.

Furthermore, keep in mind that just as people are attracted to different things, the same is true for the two heroes we are talking about today; different kinds of honeysuckle attract different kinds of hummingbirds. Accordingly, depending on which visitor you want to have in your yard, try to find out what their preferences are, it’s really not that difficult.


Here are some examples that can serve as a guide when planning the layout of your yard:

  • Trumpet honeysuckle attracts one of the most common hummers in the country – the Ruby-throated hummingbird.
  • Western trumpet honeysuckle definitely attracts the Rufous hummingbird.
  • American fly or as it is also called Canadian fly honeysuckle is attractive to all hummingbirds.
  • If you do choose to plant Yellow honeysuckle and Twinberry honeysuckle, be prepared that they are not attractive to these birds.

The Bottom Line – Do Hummingbirds Like Honeysuckle?

The first step in attracting hummingbirds is to plant a garden full of nectar-rich plants. Make sure to plant a few taller trees or bushes in order to make a place for them to perch and nest. Furthermore, many of us choose to complement our verandas, balconies, and gardens with these bright tubular flowers, but, is the plant we are talking about today ideal for attracting these birds, that is, do hummingbirds like honeysuckle? The answer is affirmative.

Have questions? Tell us more below.

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