Do Hummingbirds Like Roses? The Long-Awaited Truth About These 2 Wonders Of Nature

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Do hummingbirds like roses? Take a look at this article and find out the answer to this enigma.

You don’t have to be an experienced birder to know that certain types of birds are attracted to certain plants, either for food, protection, or a place to roost overnight. Mother Nature simply took care of every aspect of herself.

Our little feathered friends are known to drink nectar for sustenance, they love Trumpet Honeysuckles, Columbines, Fuchsias, and Torenias, but do hummingbirds like roses? Continue reading this article to find out if these birds share the same enthusiasm for these super-scented flowers as we humans do.

How Do Hummingbirds Eat Nectar?

Is there a person who has seen hummers buzzing around the yard, fluttering back and forth from flower to flower, without wondering how they manage to drink all that sweet-sweet nectar so quickly? After all, on the basis of various studies, it has been proven that drinking nectar is much less simple than eating insects, and at the same time much more complicated than ornithologists initially believed.

Before we discover the answer to the question “do hummingbirds like roses”, let us introduce you to the nectar-drinking process itself. To be specific, hummingbirds have a rather specific tongue, not at all like a human’s, forked one with hair-like fibers called lamellae.


Until recently, it was widely believed that these birds suck nectar, but the matter is actually quite different. The thing is, their tongue along with the lamellae automatically zips closed as the tongue retracts, pulling the nectar back into the beak with it. Accordingly, hummingbirds don’t actually suck, but rather grab and capture the nectar, carrying it into their mouths. You can think of this whole process as a pump that pushes nectar down their throat.

Also, it should be emphasized that the entire action is passive. What does that actually mean? It’s quite simple, once this jewel-like bird sticks out its tongue, the rest of the process takes place automatically as soon as the tongue touches the liquid. Feel free to take a look at this article, we believe it will help you understand everything we just talked about.

Meet The Main Character Of The Day: Rose

Did you know that the genus Rosa has about 100 species of perennial shrubs, all of which come from the rose family (Rosaceae)? The largest percentages of them originate from Asia, with much smaller numbers being native to North America, and only a few from Europe and Africa.

Rose bushes come in a variety of forms, from climbing roses to miniature rose plants, so that each of us can find the type that will make us happiest. Do you know what we especially like? Anyone can grow them more than successfully; all they need is a sunny location, quality soil with good drainage, and occasional fertilization.

This plant is most often grown for its beautiful blooms, either as landscape color or for cutting, and they are especially valued for their specific fragrance. It’s no secret that pollinators are passionate lovers of roses, it seems to us that bees are especially crazy about these flowers.

Be guided by the thought that if you have someone in your family who is allergic to bee stings, it isn’t very wise to plant these flowers nearby. Better to admire it in someone else’s garden than to spend hours and hours waiting in the emergency room.

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Do Roses Have Nectar?

Most of you are well aware of the fact that hummingbirds visit hundreds or even thousands of flowers a day to drink as much nectar as possible. It provides them with a fast burst of energy, but also with the necessary amount of liquid.  You will probably be surprised to learn that these birds almost never drink water from sources other than sweet nectar.

To be honest, we have never had a chance to see a hummingbird drinking water from a birdbath before, but we have seen it resting and showering hundreds of times.

Back on topic, to everyone’s surprise, roses produce very little or no nectar. Pollinators mostly visit them because of the huge amount of pollen. So, we know that many vigorous pollinators such as bees and butterflies won’t skip this flower, but do hummingbirds like roses? Let’s find out below.

Do Hummingbirds Like Roses?

Considering that we are talking about extremely lovely flowers with magnificent colors and a rich aroma, it might seem that roses are the perfect choice to bring hummingbirds to your garden, but the truth is somewhat unexpected. Namely, these birds aren’t really crazy about roses, in fact, they prefer to skip them.

The thing is most varieties of roses (but keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to all of them) produce very little to no nectar. Furthermore, it is important to note that even those varieties that produce it aren’t hummingbird favorites because their rounded flowers with dense petals are of the wrong shape and aren’t easy to feed. In short, hummingbirds and roses aren’t a perfect match.

What Kinds Of Flowers Do Hummingbirds Like?

Now that you have found out the correct answer to the question: “do hummingbirds like roses”, we will tell you a few sentences that should help you make the right choice the next time you buy flowers for your garden.

The formula for success is quite simple. These birds are crazy about brightly-colored, tubular flowers. Whenever we planted any of the following bee balms, lupines, foxgloves, cleome, impatiens, and petunias, our garden was teeming with these humming creatures.

What Kinds Of Flowers Do Hummingbirds Like

To Come To An End: Do Hummingbirds Like Roses?

The hummingbird-rose connection isn’t exactly the strongest. There are much better options out there that you can’t go wrong with. However, don’t hesitate to plant roses if you like to have bees in your yard, because these golden creatures are delighted with the amount of pollen that this plant has in abundance.

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