Hanging Plants For Hummingbirds : All You Need To Know

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Are you pondering how to keep hummingbirds flying around your garden all day? Feeders will work, but they’re not the most fabulous decor. Why don’t you resort to hanging plants for hummingbirds? Picking the right plant is crucial to keep the birds fed and coming back every morning. Duping the hummingbirds’ natural habitat in your garden is easier than you think; all you need is a few pots and the right plants!

Why Use Hanging Plants For Hummingbirds

You’ve probably noticed how some common plants attract hummingbirds. The long beak makes it easy for the bird to access the nectar inside the flower. But they do tend to avoid some flowers. Not because they’re not their food of choice but because of their pots.

Hummingbirds don’t stop flapping their wings while feeding. If there’s not enough room around a specific flower, they will avoid it. This is when hanging plants come to play. The flowers of a hanging plant are positioned on the hanging stems. Thus, there’s plenty of room around the flower for the bird to feed while still flapping their wings.

The pointed-out flowers are not only decorative but serve as a fabulous all-you-can-eat for hummingbirds! But, picking the right plants, pots and position is crucial. Not all hanging plants will attract a bunch of hummingbirds.

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How To Plant Hummingbird Plants

Flowers and hummingbirds both benefit from this relationship. Hummingbirds get the nectar vital for their survival while helping with pollination. When it comes to the type of hanging plants for hummingbirds, the list is almost neverending.

Choosing the Right Hummingbird Plants

What thrives in your surroundings and will look great in your garden? Don’t rely on claims that only red-colored flowers attract hummingbirds. Research has proven that hummingbirds can see colors invisible to the human eye. So the choice is vast! Begonia, Petunia, Geranium, Fuchsia, Lantana, and Salvia are just a handful of options.

The Right Pot For Hanging Plants

Avoid small pots as they can’t keep enough moisture for a larger plant. Go for larger pots which will allow the plant to grow bigger and keep the roots moisturized. The nectar is basically sugar and water, so moisture is essential. Whether you go for plastic, pottery, or any other kind of pot, it’s irrelevant to the hummingbirds. But beware that larger pots are heavier thus require secure connections.

Positioning The Hanging Plants For Hummingbirds

Picking the right place to hang the flowers is relative. Research whether the type of plant requires sunlight or shade. Bonus points for positioning your new flowers near a window. You’ll secure a view of the hummingbirds rambling around your baskets all day. Spring and early summer are usually the best seasons to sow hanging plants for hummingbirds. This also depends on the plants you choose.

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The Best Hanging Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

Hanging baskets filled with bright-colored flowers can attract birds and insects. But specific plants are a sure way to bring hummingbirds into your garden. In addition, most of them are low maintenance – a bonus if you’re not a pro at gardening.


Petunias are one of the most popular flowers with a long flowering period. They’re annual plants which means you’ll have to get new ones each season. If you plant them in spring, they’ll bloom until late fall. Petunias can hang up to 4 feet, and some of them even have a slight fragrance. They require sun, any type of moderately fertile, well-draining soil, and come in multiple colors.


Fuchsia is a biennial plant that thrives in temperatures below 80°F and dappled shade. If you live in a state with chiller winter, you’d need to shelter the pots inside. Fuchsia requires little attention and well-draining soil with a ph level between 6 and 7. They’re available only in one characteristic color.



Geraniums are biennial and the ultimate summer flowers. They require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, a warm climate, and well-draining soil. Bringing them inside before the first frost is a must. In fall, they propagate quickly from cuttings, so you can get even more hanging plants for hummingbirds the following summer.


Begonias are shade-loving plants that can hang anywhere from 3 inches to 3 feet. Of course, you need to protect them from intense heat, but they won’t thrive in a cooler northern climate. Begonias can’t tolerate frost, so if you leave them outside, they’ll be only annual.


Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds And Butterflies

Butterflies and hummingbirds have the same food preference – nectar. So getting plants to attract hummingbird means you’d attract butterflies too. Although, some flower species tend to perform better than others.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan can be annual or perennial, depending on the type. They’re native to North America, low maintenance, and bloom from May to October. They require full or partial sun and grow up to 3 feet tall.


Zinnias are one of the simplest flowers to grow. The tiny, narrow-leaf zinnias are preferred when it comes to hanging pots. They’re annual and best grown from seeds – not transplanted. Zinnias are sensitive to cold and require a minimum temperature of 60°F to bloom.



To attract butterflies and hummingbirds during spring and fall, plant pansies. They tolerate the cooler weather but don’t withstand hot summers. Pansies are hard to grow from seed, so get rooted plants and transplant them in hanging baskets.


You’ve heard of Nasturtium as the flower with edible leaves, but it’s excellent for hummingbirds too. They require full sun and are best planted after the last frost. They’re annual, have delightful fragrance but won’t bloom in temperatures under 65°F.

Hanging Plant For Hummingbirds: Final Say

Hummingbirds don’t stop to feed. Instead, they continuously flap their wings while feeding, so they look for easily accessible flowers. Therefore, plants with pointed-out flowers with plenty of room around attract most hummingbirds.

Contrary to popular belief, hummingbirds aren’t attracted to red color only. They can even see more colors than humans, so you’re not limited to single-colored flowers. Choose larger pots so they’ll grow bigger.

The best hanging plants for hummingbirds are Petunia, Begonia, Fuchsia, Geranium, Four o’clock, Lantana, Salvia, Impatiens. Also, plant Black-eyed Susan, Pansies, and Zinnia to attract butterflies along with the hummingbirds.

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