How Often Should I Change Hummingbird Food?

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As many birds like hummingbirds feed on nectar, they must have a constant supply of sugar. They will eat up to one hundred times their weight in food per day – that’s why it’s critical to change your hummingbird feeder every twenty-four hours.

Hummingbirds need to be fed with a mixture of sugar water and nectar. The best way to feed hummingbirds is by using a hummingbird feeder. A lot of people have concerns about how often they should change the food that their hummingbirds are eating. Read more in detail here: hummingbird feeder recipe.

What can I feed hummingbirds besides sugar water?

A: Hummingbirds are very particular about the type of food they eat. They need a diet that is high in protein, so you should feed them nectar from flowers like red clover, bee balm and goldenrod. You can also give them insects like aphids and mealworms to supplement their diet.


Hummingbirds need to eat 3-1 times their weight in food every day. This is because they are constantly digesting and regurgitating food. The more often you change the food, the less waste there will be. Reference: 3 to 1 hummingbird food.

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