How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Hand – Useful Tips

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Wouldn’t you love to experience hummingbird land on your hand? One magical thing a hummingbird enthusiast can experience is when these sweet hummingbird lands on one’s hand and even feed on one’s hand. So, you may be wondering how you can attract hummingbirds to your hand. Let’s look into this.

You may have seen pictures and videos of hummingbirds landing on the human hand and wonder how you can achieve this. Well, this is possible for you as well considering you are well enlightened on how to successfully do this.

So let’s simply look into how to successfully attract hummingbirds to our hand and even feed out of our hand.

How To Get A Hummingbird To Land On Your Finger

Watching hummingbird activities is a very pleasing and amazing experience for avid bird watchers. Now imagine being able to attract hummingbirds to land on your hand. It will be simply phenomenal and enchanting.

How you can attract hummingbirds to your hand can be an easy thing if you do this the right way. However, you should know that achieving this requires some patience and some skills. You may even need some luck!

But if you are determined and persistent to be successful at attracting hummingbirds to your hand, you’ll have them eating from your hand in no time. So, we will be sharing some useful tips to help you go about this.

 hand feeding hummingbirds

Tips On How To Get Hummingbirds To Eat Out Of Your Hand

You can also take part in this great action and fun other hummingbird enthusiasts experience by getting hummingbirds to feed out of your hand. Hand feeding hummingbirds is accomplishable if you can remain consistent by continuing with more practice.

So, here are some great tips you can follow on how to attract hummingbirds to your hand and get them to feed out of your hand:

1.    Attractive Training Area: How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Hand

To begin with, you need to make your training area attractive to enough hummers. This is so any one of these birds flying around your garden can easily fly onto your hand once you’ve perfected the skill of attracting them to your hand.

Your training area is usually your yard or garden where you already have some feeders hung at appropriate positions. Maintain a clean feeder and refresh or refill at appropriate times.

Also, planting enticing flowers that have been known to attract these sweet iridescent birds are another way to make your training area attractive. Flowers such as trumpet hornet, bee and balm, cardinal flower, sage, and so on are flowers known to attract hummingbirds.

Additionally, you can add some water elements such as hummingbird mister. Then remove any home pet that can prey or chase hummingbirds away from your yard or any potential predators.

 how to attract hummingbirds to your hand

2.    Schedule The Right Time When Enough Hummers Are Around

Get to know the best time enough hummingbirds come around your garden. Keep track of the time during the day as well as the time of the year these sweet hummers are out feeding.

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3.    Introduce Yourself Into The Picture

Once you’ve allowed hummingbirds to get accustomed to your garden and feeding on your hanged feeders, you can introduce yourself into the picture during popular feeding times. Begin gradually by standing or sitting close to where they are feeding.

Make sure you are still and don’t make any sudden movement so you don’t scare them away. Allow them to learn to trust you. Then every day by day, try to take a step or two steps closer to the hanged hummingbird feeder they are feeding on.

4.    Wear Red Or Bright Colors

Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red as well as other bright colors. Therefore, to increase the chances of you attracting them to you, wear some touch of red or bright colored cloth.

5.    Hold The Full-sized Hummingbird Feeder

Firstly, attempt holding the full sized-feeder you usually hang in your yard. Once these hummers are accustomed to the feeder and establish a good ground by standing close to the feeder, you can try holding it.

Ensure you are holding the feeder close to the original location. This is because these birds remember feeding locations and tend to always come back to the spot. While holding the feeder, be very still and avoid any sudden movement that may startle the bird.

You can get lucky and some hummingbirds may come to the feeder to sip some nectar.

 how to get a hummingbird to land on your finger

6.    Attract Hummingbirds With A Small Hand-held Feeder

You can also get a small hand-held feeder to attract hummingbirds to land on your hand and feed from it. Position the small container feeder on the center of your palm. Fill the feeder with sweet nectar.

With enough hummingbirds flying around your garden, you may get at least one to land on your hand and feed from it.

When a hummingbird lands on your palm to feed on it, ensure you keep very still. Any sudden movement may startle or scare away the bird.

7.    Remove Or Reduce The Number Of Feeders

To achieve better results, you may remove the hanged full sized-feeders or reduce their number. This is to focus hummingbird activities on your hand. Some hummingbirds may give your hand-held feeder a trial once they notice there aren’t enough options for them to feed on.

8.    Patience

Patience is the key to how you can successfully attract hummingbirds to your hand and get them to feed on it. You may not get a good result on the first attempt or even on several attempts. Just be persistent. Try again every day until you finally succeed.

 how to get hummingbirds to eat out of your hand

9.    Maintain A Clean Hand-held Feeder

Keeping your hand-held feeders is as important as keeping your other hanged hummingbird feeders.

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Additional Say How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Hand

Attracting hummingbird to your hand is another interesting and charming experience for hummingbird lovers. Achieving this can be easy for you if you get the right knowledge on how to go about this and follow the right steps.

One important secret or tip on how to successfully attract hummingbirds to your hand is consistency and patience. Also, be sure to follow our tips on how you can attract hummingbirds to your hand.

So, there you have it on hand-feeding hummingbirds.

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