Hummingbird Feeder Holder For Decks – A Useful Feeder Hanger For Birds

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The Hummingbird Feeder Holder for Decks is a fixed hanger arm pole with ports. It is quite an efficient gadget as it can be easily hung from your deck, which is beneficial in attracting hummingbirds to your yard. It comes in different colors including black, silver, and bronze that easily blend in with any environment, and the sturdy metal construction will last for years.

Keep in mind that when hanging your hummingbird feeders near a window so you can observe them, you must exercise caution. Feeders should be placed further away from windows to reduce the risk of collisions. In this case, hummingbird feeder holders for decks are highly recommended. But, if you do want to use suction holders that sit on your window, then the information below will help you do it so your birds don’t collide with the glass.

Additionally, maintaining your feeders should be a priority. You can also help keep nectar fresh by keeping your feeders away from direct sunlight which is provided under decks. However, you should also avoid deeply shaded areas as it makes it difficult for passing hummingbirds to spot them. Instead, choose a location with a dappled shade or one that is protected during the afternoon’s peak heat.

What Are Hummingbird Feeder Hangers?

A hummingbird feeder holder for decks or hangers, as it is often referred to, is an attachment that allows you to hang your nectar holders with ease. It allows you to keep the feeder away from the house but close enough for hummingbirds to spot it as they pass by.

 deck rail hummingbird feeder

It’s simple to use and can be retrieved by reaching unhooking from the top for easy nectar or seed refills. There are a variety of hummingbird feeder hangers available for purchase online or at local pet stores. For a spotless deck, using a rail bird feeder hook is recommended. It keeps birdseed and poop off your deck and is extremely simple to install.

Some of these attachments also come with a rust-resistant black-powder coating that protects your hook from the elements. This also enhances its durability and appearance so you can be sure that it will stay in prime shape for years to come.

How to Use a Hummingbird Feeder Hook?

A hummingbird feeder holder for decks is purposed to attract these little critters into your yard so that they can get their nectar fill. In most cases, the idea of having a bird feeder hung on a hook will afford you the privilege of seeing these beautiful creatures on a daily basis.

If you’re a bird lover who looks forward to their visits, this mechanism would be of much benefit. Listed below are a few tips to follow for you to get the best out of your hook and your hummingbird feeder.


  • Firstly, if you don’t already have a hook to place your bird feeder on, it is best that you get one.
  • Find the best spot to place the hook. Research shows that hummingbirds prefer both sun and shade. Place the hook strategically so you can enjoy the view whilst the hummingbird enjoys its meal.
  • Also, keep in mind that you should install the hummingbird pole and hook it in a place where predators would not be able to get to it. This will keep the hummingbirds safe whilst visiting your feeder.
  • Use an extension pole to reach the desired height that you’d want your feeder to sit at.
  • Hang your favorite feeder using a sturdy hummingbird feeder holder for decks.
  • These birds are quite accustomed to hovering, so when you’re installing a feeder, there is no specific height requirement that you should worry about. However, you should ensure that it is placed strategically to allow for easy monitoring which will be great for knowing when it’s time for filling and cleaning your hummingbird feeder.

Here’s a great video with information about fly-through bird feeders. 

What to Consider When Buying a Deck Rail Hummingbird Feeder?

Although hummingbirds have no sense of smell, they do have excellent vision. They are drawn to colors such as red, orange, pink, and yellow flowers. Keep this in mind when buying a deck rail hummingbird feeder as they come in a variety of colors to choose from. Your choice can also suit the colors of your landscape or the deck itself.

Below are a few tips to consider before purchasing your Hummingbird feeder holder for decks:

Refill and clean

Cleaning can be a hassle when it comes to hummingbird feeders. Therefore, it is wise to select a feeder that is easy to clean and refill. Keep in mind that should you choose one that can be disassembled, cleaning and refilling will be much easier.

Attractive design

Seeing that hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors, it is best to consider this when choosing one for your yard. Select a feeder with a colorful and interesting design to draw these feathered creatures in. Not only will it be ideal to beautify your garden, but you would also have the pleasure of seeing them on a daily.

 how to hang a hummingbird feeder on deck

Nectar glass

When it comes to hummingbird feeders, the traditional glass bottle threaded into a plastic basin works perfectly. The 30-ounce bottle is preferable because it is more stable and does not tip as easily when hummingbirds drink from it. We also recommend the type with a shallow plastic basin and a snap-down lid with feeding ports.

Both of these are simple to clean, which saves time. Make sure you use the correct sugar water recipe of four parts water to one part sugar when filling them. This is because these birds will not be interested if the mixture is too weak.

Pest Control

Use hummingbird feeders that include a central moat to lessen ant disturbance. Another good alternative is to apply petroleum jelly to the hanger rod as it protects the feeder from pesky ants.

How To Hang A Hummingbird Feeder On Deck?

A hummingbird feeder holder for decks is quite easy to install. It is excellent to hold the bird feeder and can be hung from a shepherd’s hook in the middle of your lawn, a tree branch, a window using a suction cup feeder, or from the deck itself. Keep in mind that wherever you choose to install it, it should be easily accessible to the birds.


To stop the nectar from fermenting, place the feeder in a shaded area. If the sun shines on your hummingbird feeder all day long, the heat will be trapped inside the feeder, raising the temperature. The liquids will ferment and deteriorate as a result of this.

Additionally, hot nectar can perhaps hurt the hummingbirds’ little tongues. They may also not visit a feeder filled with fermented nectar.

J-hook Feeders

If you live in a neighborhood with plenty of trees or have a big yard, hang a J-hook feeder. These feeders are among the simplest to hang up because all they need is a reliable tree branch or pole. Simply place a hook on the eaves of your home or a stable limb of a tree in your yard to hang the feeder’s J-hook top.

A metal pole that you may stake in your ground and hook the J-hook feeder over is another feature that these feeders have. However, this type of feeder is prone to leak a little because the nectar is suspended upside down.

Suction Cup Feeder

If your home has large windows, choose a suction-cup feeder. These hummingbird feeders include one or two sizable cups at the top. To hang the feeder, just wet the suction cup and firmly press it on the glass window. The fact that suction-cup style feeders keep the birds close to your house is an added benefit.

Since the birds will hover just in front of your windows, watching them is made simple. However, because suction-cup feeders hang from windows, birds occasionally run into the glass. To help stop this, hang a paper cutout of a bird in the window.

Saucer Shaped Feeders

To draw a large number of birds at once, use a saucer-shaped feeder. Up to six birds can eat simultaneously at saucer feeders since they are circular and dangle-suspended in the air. Commonly, the center of a saucer feeder has a string fastened to it. Occasionally, a 6-inch long, looped piece of plastic or metal protrudes from the center of the saucer.

Hang the plastic or metal loop or thread from a small limb close to your house. If there are no nearby branches, you can hang them over a metal hook instead. Since the bottom of a saucer-type feeder must be flat, you can remove the hanging mechanism and place the feeder on a surface.

Because the nectar is at the bottom of the saucer, saucer feeders never leak, in contrast to the suction cups and J-hook feeders. However, because they can draw a sizable hummingbird swarm, territory battles may be imminent.


Feeders for hummingbirds are a wonderful addition to any garden or yard. You may attract a lot of birds to your feeder by strategically placing, hanging, and cleaning it. Using a hummingbird feeder holder for decks, you can hang them as early as two weeks before you anticipate seeing any birds.

Additionally, keeping it up for a few weeks after your last sighting is recommended as hummingbirds are most likely to visit a feeder during their migrations in the spring and fall. Maintaining a source of nectar out early or late can offer stragglers and early migrators a boost for the long flight.

 hummingbird feeder holder for deck

Keep in mind that hummingbird feeders should be easily visible and accessible to the birds. It should be strategically placed so that they can enjoy their meal whilst you enjoy the view. Also, remember that these critters eat a multitude of small insects every day in addition to 100 percent of their body weight in sugar water or nectar. For more information on these dainty birds, here’s an informative link