Rockport Hummingbird Fest

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Rockport hummingbird fest is a yearly festival or event held in Rockport-Fulton part of Texas. This particular area is known to be having an abundance of these sweet iridescent birds of different species.

This Rockport hummingbird celebration started in 1988 and this festival is coordinated yearly usually around fall in September. It is also called the HummerBird celebration.

Hummingbirds will charge up around this time and gather up enough fat or energy to fuel their long migration. They do this and journey to their wintering ground in Mexico and Central America.

It really is an interesting celebration that both birds and hummingbird lovers attend. This celebration can even interest those who will love to celebrate wildlife generally. So let’s dive in further and look more into what Rockport hummingbird fest is all about.

Rockport Humming Bird Festival

As hummingbirds gear up for their journey or trip across the Gulf of Mexico, there is a celebration known as the HummerBird celebration for these charming birds. One major reason for the hummingbird’s festival in Texas is to celebrate the migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird species.

Hummingbird festival rockport tx is held annually in the area of Texas, south of Austin. The celebration began as far back as 1988. But this amazing fall migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird was first documented by Connie Hagar in 1938.

It is also to enlighten our knowledge about all birds as well as associated wildlife. Therefore, this Rockport hummingbird fest is pretty educating and inspiring.

So Rockport hummingbird fest is a thing for almost everyone that especially loves or enjoys birds as well as for experienced birders. Also, if you are a fan of nature or you have some aspect to nature, then this Rockport hummingbird festival can be for you.

More About Hummingbird Festival Texas

The event was firstly or originally celebrated for the migration of Ruby-throated hummers as well as other tiny hummers as they travel along this area. However, the event rapidly expanded to the celebration of all types of birds that travels or migrates during fall.

Flocks of hummingbirds that can be as much as 100 to 200 tend to reach the Rockport area by September.

This festival isn’t about street performers and tents. The Rockport festival involves daily keynote speakers. It also includes extra classes in the outdoor exhibit, photographing birds, hummingbird banding demonstration, and many more.

These keynote speakers have been known to look into topics such as hummingbirds of West Texas and bird migration.

Up to 5,000 have been known to make attendance for this Rockport hummingbird festival.

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Locals Preparation For Rockport Festival

These high-energy demanding sweet birds weigh less than a nickel or penny. Even with their small weight, they are known to be vigorous birds capable of flapping their wings from 12 to 60 times per second. They can also journey very far distance without stopping.

 hummingbird festival texas

So in preparations for this festival as well as hummingbirds migration along the Gulf coast, locals start putting out feeders. This is so they can gather more fats and energy to fuel their long journey to their wintering grounds.

Maintaining a well-cleaned feeder by cleaning them regularly to prevent the buildup of mold, bacteria, and yeast. Maintaining clean feeders and refilling feeders at appropriate times is also important. This is to prevent fermentation and unpleasant nectar solution for hummingbirds.

Furthermore, doing this will help prevent hummingbirds from getting infections that can make them get sick or cause fatal diseases.

Lots of locals have also planted attractive flowers that produce sweet nectar and shrubs so these can entice hummers to their backyards.

Hummingbirds can add up to 50 percent of their body mass or even more to achieve to gear up for migration.

As they depart from the coast of Texas, hummingbirds will keep on flying, without stopping across the Gulf of Mexico. They can fly an astonishing distance of up to 800 miles without stopping.

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Benefits Of The Rockport Hummingbird Fest To Tourist

 rockport humming bird festival

There are as well good informative benefits tourists can gain from this celebration. So, visitors from around can simply take two hours or a little more bus drive to have some view of some of the homes of these hummers.

They can witness the different houses that have feeders and shrubs set up to attract these iridescent birds as they pass through.

Tourists can as well take advantage and visit other places such as Fennessey Ranch or Tule Lake. These are wide areas of thousands of acre that offers shelter and is the host to numerous types of birds as well as insects and other wildlife.

There are also other options such as kayak birding trips. You will also have kayak leaders as well as a bird guide to lead you around. Or you can simply have self-guided tours of hummer homes. Filled with tours, photography classes, band demonstrators, excursions, and many more.

Travelers can even spend some nights as there are some available places to lodge during this festival.

Lodge Available For Travelers

So there are different lodging centers for travelers as this includes beds and breakfasts such as Hoopes’ House. This house is a historic home that was constructed in the late 1800s. This Hoopes’ house features 4 rooms and each room has its bathroom and antique furniture.

Apart from the Hoopes’ House, travelers have other options such as Hampton Inn and Suites which is in the city resort location. It is only a couple of minutes away from the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

 rockport hummingbird fest

Final Say On Rockport Hummingbird Fest

Rockport hummingbird fest is a remarkable and interesting event or celebration held annually around fall (in September). This event is to celebrate the migration of hummingbirds as they gear up or gather up fat to journey their way to their wintering grounds.

Take note that this celebration isn’t only about hummingbirds. It also involves other birds as well as other wildlife. So, the Rockport hummingbird fest is an interesting and educating event for any wildlife lovers.

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