Types Of Hummingbirds In Georgia

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Today, we’re going to be looking at the types of hummingbirds in Georgia. It really helps to know what species of hummingbirds are found in your state. So, if you reside in Georgia, we’ve got the list of hummingbird species you can find in Georgia.

In Georgia, there is a diverse range of hummingbird species found here. We have both the regularly occurring species of hummingbirds and the ones that make their appearance occasionally.

There are two regularly occurring hummingbird species found in Georgia and they are the Ruby-throated and the Rufous hummingbirds. Others are rare and occasional species of hummingbirds. So, let’s look into the details of the different types of hummingbirds found in Georgia.

Hummingbirds In Georgia

Generally, there are about 11 hummingbird species that can be found in Georgia. Among these 11 species, there are two known hummingbird species to occur regularly every spring (Ruby-throated and Rufous hummingbird). Therefore, the other 9 are vagrant species.

Therefore, the ruby-throated hummingbird is the only known species that nest in Georgia.

Hummingbirds In Georgia Identification

Birders are always on the lookout for when these charming hummers make their way to their side. Learning to identify the hummingbird species in your area really helps. It makes you more enlightened about these lustrous birds.

Among the 11 hummingbirds species found in Georgia, you may only encounter or spot a couple of these species in your area. But Ruby-throated and Rufous hummers are the most common species found in Georgia.

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The other vagrant or rare species include Allen’s hummingbird, Anna’s hummingbird, Black-chinned hummingbird, Broad-billed hummingbirds, Broad-tailed hummingbird, Calliope’s hummingbird, Green-breasted hummingbird, Green-viloletears hummingbird, and Rivoli hummingbird.

Let’s further look into the details of the various types of hummingbirds found in Georgia.

Types Of Hummingbirds Found In Georgia

Below are the types of hummingbirds species found in Georgia:

1.    Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated hummers are the only species known to nest or breed in Georgia. They breed in the east of the Mississippi River. A couple of Ruby-throated species are now remaining all year round in Georgia.

Identified by their iridescent blood-red gorget (males) that ends at the neckline. The male Ruby-throated is one of the smallest types of hummingbirds that weigh less than four and a half grams. They are about 2.8 to 3.3 inches in length. They have a lifespan of approximately 5 years.

The male Ruby-throated are also defensive and territorial. Seen in open country areas like the meadows.

Identify the female Ruby-throated hummers can also be by their white throat. They have a lifespan of approximately 9 years.

2.    Rufous Hummingbird

Next, we have the Rufous hummingbird and they are considered the second most commonly seen hummers in Georgia after Ruby-throated.

Unlike Ruby-throated that migrates to Georgia and the rest of eastern United States to breed, Rufous species are only seen in Georgia and Florida during winter. They prefer to breed around the northwest of the United States and Canada.

Identified easily by their glossy orange-red gorget. Therefore, it’s hard to miss them with their beautiful iridescent plumage.

The female Rufous hummingbird on the other hand lacks vibrant colors. They are a bit bigger than the male because of their responsibility to carry eggs.

Generally, Rufous hummers can be pretty aggressive and territorial to other hummers as well as other animals.

 hummingbirds in georgia identification

3.    Allen’s Hummingbird

Allen’s hummingbirds are rare or vagrant species to Georgia. Mixed up or confused with Rufous hummingbird because of their similar appearance. However, you can easily differentiate Allen’s hummingbird with its greenback.

4.    Anna’s Hummingbird

Anna’s hummingbirds are as well vagrant species to Georgia. There have only been a few sightings on Anna’s hummingbirds in Georgia. So, these sightings may be due to these birds losing their way as they migrate.

Anna’s hummingbirds are one of the larger and most vocal hummers known to the United States. The males are the ones that generate a series of complex noises and they do this as they move from flower to flower.

5.    Black-chinned Hummingbird

Black-chinned is accidental or rare to Georgia. If sighted in Georgia, it’s probably because they got lost during their migrating period.

Both male and females Black-chinned hummers have bright white bellies.

6.    Broad-billed Hummingbird

Broad-billed hummingbirds are rare species in Georgia. The male of Broad-billed hummers is vibrant green and blue plumage with a bright red broad bill. Females have a mild or dull color and they are often gray-brown all through.

Surprisingly, Broad-billed has shown an increase in their population in recent years. But they still remain vagrant to Georgia.

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7.    Broad-tailed Hummingbird

A broad-tailed hummingbird is another rare species in Georgia. Their color appearance can be similar to that of Ruby-throated species.

The male Broad-tailed species are usually green all through their upper part and they have an iridescent red throat. The female Broad-tailed tend to be similar in appearance but with an inconspicuous plumage.

8.    Calliope Hummingbird

Sighted around the winter period. They are one of the smallest birds in North America. Also, they weigh around one-tenth of an ounce.

Their males have an iridescent purple crown. Characterized by their gray-green crowns and buff-colored flanks which are the underbelly or wing of a bird.

9.    Green-breasted Hummingbird

Green-breasted hummingbirds are also rare to Georgia. They can be quite aggressive and territorial.

Their bills are long and curved. Their plumage is green all through with a dark blue patch on their throat.

10. Green-violetears Hummingbird

Green-violetears are also known as Mexican violetears and they are rare or vagrant species in Georgia. There has only been one record of this rare hummingbird species in Georgia.

11. Rivoli’s Hummingbird

The Rivoli’s hummingbirds are also known as Magnificent hummingbirds are as well rare species in Georgia. They can look dark in color sort of.

Types Of Hummingbirds In Georgia: Conclusion

So, we’ve listed out the types of hummingbirds that you can find in Georgia and some of their details.

There are 11 species of hummingbirds found in Georgia. Two of them are regular species (Ruby-throated and Rufous species). Therefore, the rest are vagrant or rare to Georgia.

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