3 Surprising Facts About The Giant Hummingbird


The Giant Hummingbird

Patagona gigas, or the giant hummingbird, belongs to the hummingbird family and is divided into 2 species: patagona gigas gigas and patagona gigas peruviana.

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Natural Habitat of the Giant Hummingbird

They prefer to habituate in the Andes and live at a higher altitude, especially during the summer. 

What Does The Giant Hummingbird Eat?

Their diet is not much different than your backyard hummingbirds. The giant hummingbird also loves nectar.

What’s the Giant Hummingbird Size

Mating, Nesting, And Early Life - The giant hummingbird size requires a much bigger nest for the eggs, but the location is still the same.

Quick Facts About the Giant Hummingbird

Slow Flyer - The giant hummingbird performs 10 to 15 wing flaps per second which is very slow for an ordinary hummingbird. 

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Quick Facts About the Giant Hummingbird

Aggressive Behaviour - requires a lot of food which makes them very defensive when it comes to food sources.

Quick Facts About the Giant Hummingbird

Fertility Legend -  As a result, the bird held great importance in their folk tales and even inspired some geoglyphs.

The Real Giant Hummingbird Size

The giant hummingbird size is not terrifying, but it’s 10 times greater than the smallest hummingbird.