5 Simple Ways Of Keeping Cats Away From Hummingbird Feeders


Hanging hummingbird feeders in your yard or garden while you already have a house cat on your property may be a death trap to hummingbirds. 

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Cat And Bird Feeder

Cats are carnivorous predators so it’s their nature to attack birds generally. Many people love to have cats as their pets.

Can A Cat Catch A Fast hummingbird?

Even though hummingbirds are fast-flying birds, all cats, domestic or wild, are capable of catching hummingbirds.

Measures To Keeping Cats Away From Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are known to be brave, territorial, and aggressive even towards other bigger animals.

Hang Feeders at the Correct Height and Make Them Hard to Reach

Never hang your feeders in a ground base spot. Hang them at appropriate heights.

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Cat Repellent

Cat sense of smell tends to be very sharp. They don’t like certain smells so spraying repellent can deter cats from coming close

Avoid Hanging Feeders Close to Hiding Spots

Cats like to sneak and stalk their spray and they will be more successful with good hiding spots.

We can see that keeping cats away from your hummingbird feeder is achievable. Just go through the measures we listed