Discover All About Hummingbird In Pennsylvania


When Should I Put Out My Hummingbird Feeder In Pennsylvania?

Typically, when the Ruby-throated hummingbirds leave Pennsylvania before or around fall, say August. 

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When Do Hummingbirds Arrive PA?

Ruby-throated hummers are sure visitors to PA. For southern Pennsylvania, it is either around mid-April and northern Pennsylvania around early May.

When Do Hummingbirds Arrive PA?

The early-season flowering plants like columbine, azaleas, rhododendrons, and tree buds are already blooming on their arrival, welcoming the birds.

Hummingbirds Arrival Preparations

Hummingbirds find red as an attractive color, hence having shades of red in the garden can help attract more hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Season In PA

April till late September is usually hummingbird’s season in Pennsylvania. Hummingbirds would sometimes start arriving as early as March. 

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Hummingbird Migration Pennsylvania

The birds are mostly gone by October except for the older or wounded ones that won’t be able to fly longer distances.

Hummingbird Migration Pennsylvania

During migration, hummingbirds would fly across the golf of Mexico around 600 miles, nonstop.

When Do Hummingbirds Arrive In PA

This information can give you guidance on how to pull hummingbirds to your garden early enough and throughout the breeding season.