Fascinating Discoveries  On Hummingbird’s Tongue


These shimmering birds never cease to amaze us with their different interesting activities. One of which is feeding on nectar solutions.

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How Long Is A Hummingbird’s Tongue

The length of the hummingbird tongue is as long as their bill.

Hummingbird Tongue

One distinctive feature of hummingbirds is the ability to use or work their tongue while they feed on nectar solution multiple times.

How Hummingbird’s Tongue Works

Hummingbirds drink nectar with the help of their hair-like long tongue. The tongue gets wet as it meets the nectar

Hummingbird’s Tongue Mechanism

The two tubes at the tip of hummingbird tongues are basically nectar trapped.

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Hummingbird’s Tongue Infection

Hummingbird tongues can be prone to infection. This is another good reason why your feeders should be kept clean

One common tongue infection that can affect hummingbirds is a fungal infection. This is often caused by hummingbird feeders that have mold and fungus

Hummingbird tongue length is about twice as long as its beak and this allows easily them reach into nectar. Their tongue length is around 18 inches.