Here's 5 Things You Can To Help Hummingbirds In Winter


Dangers Lurking In Winter

Once winter sets in, most of the nectar in the feeders freezes, and as a result, these birds cannot access the food that is vital to their survival. 

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How To Feed Hummingbirds In Winter?

Honestly, it is difficult for hummingbirds to survive when they find themselves in such difficult conditions, but with your help.

Prepare Your Own DIY Sugary Solution

As for making nectar at home, keep the ratio of sugar to water at 1 to 4, as it is perfect for mimicking the natural flower nectar.

Keep The Food Warm

If you want to prevent freezing, we recommend using an infrared bulb of about 125 watts.

Make The Feeder Visible

Hummingbirds are birds that like bright colors, they associate them with flowers full of nectar, therefore don’t hesitate to choose feeders in vivid hues.

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Offer Them Insects & Spiders

There is almost no hummingbird that does not enjoy nibbling on insects and spiders.

Install The Guards On The Feeders

By covering the feeders, you can prevent the feeding ports from being clogged with snow and ice.

How To Feed Hummingbirds In Winter?

Pay attention to the visitors to your yard this winter. Maybe you will be the lucky one to be visited by these smallest birds in the world.