Store Bought Hummingbird Nectar- Is It Really Safe?!


Hummingbird Nectar Solution

Hummingbird nectar solution mainly consists of sugar and water. These birds can easily obtain the nectar solution from flowers. 

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Is Store Bought Hummingbird Nectar Safe

There are some store-bought nectar that contain harmful content such as food coloring.

Is Red Food Coloring In Feeders Bad For Hummingbirds?

Red dye has been allegedly affiliated with weak eggshells, beak and liver tumors, and liver and kidney complications.

Why You Should Consider Making Your Own Hummingbird Food

Even though preparing your own hummingbird feeder may feel like an extra chore, there are still some good reasons to consider making your own nectar. 

Why You Should Consider Making Your Own Hummingbird Food

Most bird enthusiast prefers to make their own nectar solution because the desire is to supply our sweet feathered friend’s only purest mixture.

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How To Make The Best Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Food

Preparing hummingbird’s homemade nectar food only requires two simple ingredients. They are water and granulated sugar. 

Do Hummingbirds Prefer Homemade Nectar?

Hummingbirds will feed on any type of nectar solution so far they are in the right proportion and they don’t taste bad. 

If Store-Bought Hummingbird Nectar Is Safe

Both store-bought hummingbird nectar and homemade nectar solutions have their pros and cons.