Surprising Facts About Hummingbirds Body Temperature


How Hummingbirds Control Their Body Temperature

Hummingbirds are well known for their amazing ability to fly and navigate, but what is not as well known is their incredible ability to control their body temperature. 

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Why Hummingbirds Have Such a High Temperature

The high level of the hummingbird body temperature helps them to stay active during cold weather and to digest their food quickly. 

Hummingbird Egg Temperature

The average hummingbird body temperature is 106°F, and the eggs must be kept at a similar temperature. 

Hummingbird Body Temperature During Torpor

Hummingbirds are known for their incredible energy and agility, flitting around at high speeds and effortlessly hovering in mid-air.

How do Hummingbirds Survive the Cold Temperatures

One is to increase their internal body temperature. They do this by shivering and contracting their muscles, which generates heat.

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How do Hummingbirds Survive the Cold Temperatures

There’s also another strategy to keep the hummingbird body temperature at a good level, and that’s by decreasing their activity level.

What About the Nectar Temperature

The ideal temperature for hummingbird nectar is between 80 and 85°F. 

Hummingbirds Have the Highest Temperature Among Bird

In fact, their internal thermometer can reach up to 107°F! This is one of the many fascinating facts about these tiny birds.