What Is The Heart Rate Of A Hummingbird- Amazing Facts


With their swift activities, you may be wondering how fast a hummingbird’s heart beat is? Let’s find out.

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Some Info On Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are one of the smallest fast-moving birds in the world. 

What Is The Heart Rate Of A Hummingbird?

A hummingbird’s heart tends to beats so fast. Even faster than a human being’s heart rate. 

Why Does Hummingbird Have A Fast Heart Beat?

They will journey by migrating north to their breeding ground and then south to spend winter.

Hummingbird’s Heart Rate During Torpor

Hummingbird resting state is called torpor and they usually go into torpor at night when they go to sleep.

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Torpor State

The hibernation-like state they enter is really deep and their metabolism rate will drop to about 1/5 of their usual active rate.

In their torpor state, hummingbirds can even hang upside down. They may even look dead in this state, but take note because they aren’t dead. 

What Is The Heart Rate Of A Hummingbird- Amazing Facts

Their heartbeat is even higher than that of humans.