What You Must Know About Hummingbird Mating And Egg Hatching


Hummingbirds are responsible mothers who take care of their young alone. They lay one to three broods a year with different mates and never reuse a nest.

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Matting And Egg Hatching

Hummingbirds mate from spring to midsummer or March to July, with May being the most common month.

How May Broods A Year Do Hummingbird Lay

Hummingbirds can have up to 3 broods a year, but not all of them with the same mate.

Bird Incubation Period

The couple mates, it takes 24 to 30 hours for the eggs to form in the female’s body. She usually lays up to 2 eggs per brood in the span of 2 days.

Quick Facts About Bird Eggs Hatching

When hummingbirds hatch, they look like their mother, despite their gender. Males get their characteristic colored feathers after a few months.

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Quick Facts About Bird Eggs Hatching

Hummingbirds start mating when they’re one year old and mate until the end of their lives.

Quick Facts About Bird Eggs Hatching

Birds will never choose to mate with a blood relative in the wild.

How long does it take for birds to hatch depends on their species. Hummingbirds are among the fastest hatchers, with 16 days on average.