Why Do Hummingbirds Stop Coming To Feeders?

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Hummingbirds are amusing to watch. They bring this aura of beauty and splendor with them whenever they are seen flying around our yard. You may often ask yourself: why do hummingbirds stop coming to feeders when you suddenly stop seeing them.

This is typical for new birders most especially as they are new to the behavioral pattern of these flying jewels. Hummingbirds are majorly found in the US and some species are native of the region. Most of the numerous species of the hummingbird are migratory birds.

They migrate to their breeding grounds in the north by spring and summer. And then when fall begins, they start leaving back to their wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America.

This article answers all your questions as regards to why do hummingbirds stop coming to feeders.

Why Do Hummingbirds Stop Coming To Feeders: Major Reasons

Here are some reasons why hummingbirds may stop coming to your feeders:

  • One reason why hummingbirds may not be seen coming to feeders and in the area anymore is the hummingbird population.
  • If you do not maintain a clean feeder, it may look unattractive to these birds.
  • Also, the taste of the nectar you provide can make them leave. If they are fermented due to excess exposure to sunlight, the nectar can taste bad for hummingbirds.
  • If there is an invasion of insects such as bees, wasps, honey jackets, etc. these birds can leave your feeder.
  • Hummingbirds’ population can fluctuate from year to year. It could be that natural sources of food and ideal spots for nesting are no longer available in your region. Hence, these birds tend to go to other areas.
  • Furthermore, a reduction in the population of hummingbirds could be due to them being hunted down, injured, or even killed by predators like wandering cats.
  • Another thing is, these dynamic birds might have seen other options of well-maintained hummingbird feeders or other reliable nectar.

 my hummingbirds have disappeared

Tips To Encouraging Hummingbirds To Stay Around Our Yard

What we birders want is for the hummingbird to always visit our yard. So, to encourage hummingbirds to always stop by our yard and sip our feeders, imbibe the following things:

  • For an ideal sugar-water solution be it during hot or dry weather, mix one part of the sugar with four parts of water.
  • Don’t dye the nectar solution in red. This can be harmful to the birds.
  • Avoid bee or wasps invasion.
  • Don’t use honey in place of sugar to make the nectar solution. This is because the type of sugar in honey is different from the regular sugar found in nectar. Also, honey gets spoilt or fermented more quickly than sugar water.
  • You must change the nectar solution at appropriate times depending on the temperature. This will help in making it impossible for molds to grow in the feeder. It will also prevent the sugar water from fermenting, which is harmful to the birds. So, be mindful of the temperature outside. Sugar solution kept under the sun during high temperatures should be changed more often.

My Hummingbirds Have Disappeared: Facts About Hummingbirds And Why Hummingbirds Leave

 What time of year do hummingbirds stop coming around?

Hummingbirds leaving a geographical zone are a result of the reduction in the length of days. This makes them feel restless, due to hormonal changes. Hence, they begin to migrate to the Northern part of America.

These flying jewels are called “hummingbirds” because of the humming sound their wings make when they flap them. The incredibly fast rate at which these birds flap their wings is amazing

In a second, an adult hummingbird can flap its wings as fast as 12 times. The young ones can flap their wings as fast as 80 times in just a second. That is why they are known to be energetic and so amusing to watch.

It’s a great privilege to have them flitting around in your garden. Being able to locate the feeders in your yard is not as much of a task for hummingbirds. Maintaining clean feeders and fresh nectar solutions will have them establish their territory in your yard throughout the season.

Hummingbirds fly about all day from one food source to another throughout the day. This is because they use up so much energy and they need enough to keep them going. They need to consume as much nectar as about half their body weight.

But the bone of contention should be that you need to understand their behavioral pattern in order to keep them coming to your feeders all the time. If you live in the south, you’d probably be wondering why hummingbirds stop coming to your feeders.

This is may also be due to their migratory behavior.

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Migratory Behavior Of Hummingbird

 why did my hummingbirds leave

Springtime is the time when hummingbirds begin to migrate from their wintering grounds back to the northern part of The United States.

However, not all species tend to migrate. Some species can be all year round in some parts of the country. But spring is when you should be expecting to have many of these flying jewels flying around your yard.

The female hummingbirds usually look for a good and safe location which is in proximity to where they can easily get food.

They lay their eggs there. On the other hand, the male hummingbirds are territorial. They would fight and chase other hummingbirds that get close to their feeding spot, especially at feeders.

Usually, by the first week of July in some part of the country, the young would have started flitting around the area, thus making an uprise in the hummingbirds’ population. Then hummingbirds begin to migrate back to their wintering grounds from around fall.

The males set out first, then followed by the females and their chicks, two weeks afterward. This is when you notice that your little friends have stopped visiting your feeders.

 why do hummingbirds stop coming to feeders

It’s a thing of survival and reflex action for them. One of the factors among several others, that cause hummingbirds to migrate, is the length of day.

Once the length of the day starts to get shorter in late summer, hummingbirds start experiencing changes in their hormones. This makes them feel restless. So, they begin to migrate to their wintering grounds.


Hummingbirds are amazing to watch while sitting in your yard or through your kitchen window. That is why it’s not a thing of surprise to hear birders, new birders especially, asking why do hummingbirds stop coming to feeders when they don’t come visiting.

But with this article, your question and even more have certainly been answered.


Why have my hummingbirds suddenly disappeared?

This could be as a result of several factors such as, bad maintenance of feeders, migratory behavior, territorial issues, bee invasion, going for their favorite flowers, and so on.

What time of year do hummingbirds stop coming around?

Hummingbirds stop coming around from early fall and when the length of the day begins to reduce. This triggers the hummingbird's hormones, making them restless.
This is the time they begin to migrate back to their wintering grounds.

Why did my hummingbirds leave?

It could be probably because of bad maintenance of feeders, making the wrong sugar solution, wandering cats, no preferable spots for nesting, no natural food source nearby such as flowers, and more.