Do Wasps Sting Hummingbirds? 4 Popular Methods To Avoid Their Encounter

Do Wasps Sting Hummingbirds

Do wasps sting hummingbirds? Check out this article, you might be quite surprised at the answer. Experienced birders or not, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t enjoy feeding birds, and few birds are as exciting to watch as hummingbirds. These brilliant and precision-flying creatures shine in full sunlight just like jewels. Feeders and flower gardens … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Have To Keep Moving To Avoid Death? Truth Or Myth

Do Hummingbirds Have To Keep Moving To Avoid Death

Do hummingbirds have to keep moving or else they will die? Check out this article and find out if the popular belief is false or true. Hummingbirds are birds known for their incredible speed, and based on some research it has been proven that they can withstand G-forces that would normally knock out even the … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Like Nasturtiums? Many Consider It Too Sweet For Their Taste

Do Hummingbirds Like Nasturtiums

Do hummingbirds like nasturtiums? Keep reading and find out. Is there anything more exciting than seeing a hummingbird enjoying its flight in your garden? As far as we are concerned, not really, although we are hummer enthusiasts, so that should be taken into account. These magnificent creatures are not only beautiful; they rather play a … Read more

Do Bougainvilleas Attract Hummingbirds? The Final Verdict of the Experts

Do Bougainvilleas Attract Hummingbirds

Would you like to know the answer to the question of the day: “Do bougainvilleas attract hummingbirds?”. Read on to find out if hummingbirds and bees share the same love for this plant. For those who enjoy both gardening and bird watching at the same time, luckily there are excellent annuals, perennials, vines, and shrubs … Read more

How To Feed Hummingbirds In Winter? 5 Things Worth Knowing

how to feed hummingbirds in winter

Find out how to feed hummingbirds in winter.  You might be the one to save their life. Depending on where you live, hummingbirds may linger or even migrate into your own yard when you least expect them, i.e. during the long, cold winter days. There are even some recorded cases of the same hummingbirds returning … Read more

How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly? Faster Than Falcons & Fighter Jets

How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly

Are you wondering how fast do hummingbirds fly? Let’s find out below! If you ever come across a hummingbird exploring your yard, you’ll likely notice its amazing acrobatic abilities. It is simply impossible for us to follow them with our eyes as if they are everywhere at the same time. Therefore, many would like to … Read more