How to Keep Hornets Away from Hummingbird Feeders?

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While hummingbirds are an attractive addition to any garden, they attract birds like crows, who will try to eat them. In order for the hummingbird feeder not to become a target of these predators and stay functional it must be designed with defense in mind.

To keep Hummingbirds away from your hummingbird feeders, you can make homemade bee guards for your hummingbird feeders. This will keep the bees away from your feeders and is also a way to protect them from the birds. Read more in detail here: homemade bee guards for hummingbird feeders.

How do you keep yellow jackets away from hummingbird feeders?

A: The best way to keep yellow jackets away from hummingbird feeders is to make sure that the feeder is always covered. Yellow jackets are attracted to bright colors, so if you cover up your feeder with a dark cloth or something similar, they will be less likely to find it.

How do I keep Hornets away?

A: It is difficult to keep Hornets away. They are attracted to bright lights, so you should make sure that your house or yard is well lit at night. You can also try using a bug zapper with a UV light as it will attract the bugs and kill them before they get close enough to bite you.


The “bee proof hummingbird feeder walmart” is a product that can be purchased from Walmart. The product is designed to keep bees away from hummingbird feeders.

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