Think Twice Before You Move A Bird’s Nest


Moving A Birds Nest

You may think a bird’s nest removal may be necessary when you find them in an inconvenient spot around your property.

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Moving A Birds Nest

In North America, more than 800 birds have laws to protect them.

Can You Move A Bird’s Nest That Has No Eggs Legally?

it is completely illegal to relocate or interfere with any active bird nest even on your property. 

Does Touching The Birds Nest Cause It To Be Abandoned?

Hence, these birds may not be aware you touched their nest while they are away.

What About Old Bird Nest: Can You Remove Them?

It is fine removing an old bird’s nest or an empty bird’s nest. There are no laws prohibiting such removal. 

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How To Relocate A Birds Nest With Eggs

1.Locate the said nest 2.Be cautious when handling the nest 3.Relocate the nest

How To Relocate A Birds Nest With Eggs

4.Clean the spot and clean yourself 5.Contact a professional when necessary

With Eggs

Birds building their nest in awkward places especially on our property may cause inconvenience.