How To Relocate A Birds Nest With Eggs

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A bird may choose an awkward spot in your house or around your house to build their nest. Now when these nests are already filled with eggs makes it more inconvenient. Then you begin to wonder how to relocate a bird’s nest with eggs.

A bird’s nest is a safe and ideal place for birds to lay their eggs and allow their hatchling to grow until they can become independent. But some birds may build their nest and lay their eggs in unsuitable places for us humans ad this may require us to move them.

This is why we will be looking into how to relocate a bird’s nest with eggs. So, let’s begin.

Moving A Birds Nest

You may think a bird’s nest removal may be necessary when you find them in an inconvenient spot around your property. However, relocating a bird’s nest may be unadvisable.

In North America, more than 800 birds have laws to protect them. Moving or disturbing the nest of any bird that has eggs in them in which the mother is still sitting is illegal in North America.

 bird's nest removal

Also, experts have advised not to move or disturb any active bird nest as this can interfere with their activities. Moving the bird’s nest may cause the adult bird to abandon the nest leaving the offspring stranded.

It’s best you wait until the bird’s eggs have hatched and the babies have grown and left the nest before relocating the nest. This way, you won’t be interfering with the activities and you will be giving the little birds a better chance of survival.

But generally, if you really care about the welfare of any bird then moving any active bird nest shouldn’t come to your mind.

Can You Move A Bird’s Nest That Has No Eggs Legally?

As we mentioned, it is completely illegal to relocate or interfere with any active bird nest even on your property. If you make any attempt to disturb or move an active bird nest, it can call for heavy a penalty which is something you should avoid.

However, the only time you are permitted to move or interfere with a bird’s nest is when they have no eggs and there aren’t any activities. You can also move the nest right before the bird may have completed the nest. This is when the nest building is in its early stage.

This way, you can relocate or interfere with the bird nest before the bird gets a chance to finish it and commence any activities.

But ideally, the best thing to do in this situation is to contact a local rescue organization. They have more experience in interfering or relocating a bird’s nest and they will do this in a more effective way.

Does Touching The Birds Nest Cause It To Be Abandoned?

 can you move a bird's nest

Unlike some animals that have a great sense of smell like dogs and cats, birds do not have such. Hence, these birds may not be aware you touched their nest while they are away.

However, if these birds notice that you’re getting close to their nest or you touch the nest, they may abandon that nest even with eggs in them.

What About Old Bird Nest: Can You Remove Them?

It is fine removing an old bird’s nest or an empty bird’s nest. There are no laws prohibiting such removal. Hence, finding a bird’s nest that has no eggs or chicks can be removed from your property.

Nest can harbor different bacteria and parasites that may cause or spread diseases. Hence, removing them and cleaning up your garden will be of great benefit to you.

The majority of birds aren’t so fond of reusing an old nest. When birds are ready to lay a new set of eggs, they prefer to construct a new nest somewhere else.

How To Relocate A Birds Nest With Eggs

We have emphasized that relocating or disturbing an active bird nest is illegal. However, if you find yourself in a tight situation that requires you to relocate a birds nest, and you can’t contact a rescue organization, you can do the following:

  1. Locate the said nest

Once you’ve located the nest, send a message to the bird that they are not allowed in that spot. Normally, birds tend to nest on ledges and roofs. Sometimes, they may choose to build their nest in air vents to get shelter from the rain.

  1. Be cautious when handling the nest

Removing a bird’s nest should be done with adequate precautions. This is to prevent pathogens or bacteria that may be gotten from bird droppings.

Put on some latex gloves, a respiratory face mask, and wear some long sleeves clothing.

 moving a birds nest

  1. Relocate the nest

Before you begin handling the nest, spray it with some antibacterial spray. Raise the nest and carry it away from your house. If you can relocate the bird’s nest within 100 meters from where it was moved, then that will be great.

  1. Clean the spot and clean yourself

When you’ve successfully relocated the bird’s nest, you should clean that area in which the nest was removed. Use water/ bleach solution to do this.

Once you’re done cleaning the spot, discard the gloves and wash your mask and cloth using hot water. Then wash your hands with soap and water afterward.

  1. Contact a professional when necessary

Calling a professional will save you all the stress of doing all mentioned above. This way, you will be doing the right thing and you will be safe from any penalties from going against the law.

How To Relocate A Birds Nest With Eggs: Conclusion

Birds building their nest in awkward places especially on our property may cause inconvenience. This makes people wonder how to relocate a bird’s nest with eggs.

However, relocating a bird’s nest with an egg is illegal in North America and it comes with hefty penalties. Hence, we would want to avoid any situation such as this. But when you really need to remove an active bird nest, the best decision is to contact a local rescue organization to do the job professionally.

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