Bird That Makes Clicking Sound

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Birds come in different diversity and most of the bird species are loved by many bird lovers. Different birds make different sounds and some of these sounds are clicking sounds. Bird that makes clicking sound is what we will be looking at in this post.

We bird enthusiast loves to watch so many bird activities and this is why we do things to attract them to our yards.

Birds usually make a sound for different reasons and these sounds can seem fascinating to us birders. They can decide to make a sound to announce their presence just for other intruders to keep off. Or they can make a sound because they are in an excited mood.

In this article, we will be looking into some birds that make clicking sounds. We will also take a brief look at some other creatures that makes clicking sounds and also birds that make a knocking sound. So, continue reading to get more insight into this information.

Birds That Click

Here are some of the list of bird that makes clicking sound:

1.    Cockatoos

Cockatoo is a type of bird that belongs to the parrot species. Parrots are known to make different wired noises.  Although not all types of parrots make this type of clicking noise, the cockatoo is a type of parrot that is known to make a tongue clicking sound.

If you can understand some of the sounds of parrots, then you may be able to determine their mood.

 bird that makes clicking sound

Parrots can make some sounds just to get your attention. Cockatoo parrot can make a tongue clicking noise or sound with its tongue if your parrot wants you to pick them up and pet them or if they want some affection from you.

Cockatoo parrots can also make this sound when they are in a happy mood. So, it can be pretty easy for you to tell their mood.

2.    Anhinga

Although anhinga birds tend to be silent, they can still make some noise especially clicking sounds. They usually make this sound whenever they are close to their nest.

Both sexes of anhinga birds generally make this audible and loud clicking sound during their nest exchange. This sound usually sounds like a treadle-operated sewing machine or a croaking frog that has a sore throat.

Anhinga clicking sound can also become intensified and prolonged when it comes to fighting over territories or perches with other birds.

3.    Cockatiels

 bird that makes a knocking sound

This is another type of bird that is from the parrot species that makes a clicking sound. They make this tongue clicking and this is often done to get one’s attention. You can also tell the mood of your cockatiel bird with the clicking sound they make.

4.    Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are also included in the birds that make clicking sounds. Usually, when the male hummers are fighting for territory, they can fight with their beaks and make a clicking sound.

Bird That Makes A Knocking Sound

Below are some birds that make knocking sounds:

  • Woodpecker

Woodpeckers are amazing birds that can give this knock-knock sound, especially on woods. They can make this knocking sound by hammering their bills against dead woods. They can also hammer their bills on a tree or any area with woods and they can do this about 10 to 30 times for over 2 to 3 seconds.

Woodpeckers tend to knock on woods surfaces just to communicate with others and also attract any mate that is close by.

 birds that click

They can go as far as finding a dry brittle tree limb and use their bill to drum on it and hammer with rapid burst.

  • Raven

Another bird that tends to make a knocking sound is the raven. It is the dominant female that tends to make this sound. And she can make the knocking sound in a fast series of about 12 or so that can last for about a second.

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Other Creatures That Makes Clicking Sound

Apart from some birds that make clicking sounds, there are also other creatures that makes these clicking sounds. Here are some of them:

· Squirrels

Squirrel is a type of rodent that makes clicking or chirping sound that is similar to birds. They are one type of animal that makes lots of noise because they aren’t shy about it.

 What animal makes a loud clicking noise at night?

· Click beetles

Another animal that makes a clicking sound is a click beetle. They are a type of beetle that usually makes this sound anytime they need to defend themselves. They have a specialized body part that they use in generating this sound.

· Raccoons

The raccoon is another animal that can make a clicking noise. So, if by any chance you hear a clicking sound coming from your attic or your basement, chances are that you might have a raccoon that must have sneaked or found its way in there.

· Opossum

An opossum is a mammal that also makes a clicking sound. These mammals make this clicking sound when they want to entice their mates.

They also make other sounds such as hissing or growling whenever they feel threatened. The babies of opossum generate this sneezing sound whenever they are trying to get their parents’ attention.

 What animal or bird makes a clicking sound?

· Northern leopard frogs

Another animal which is a type of frog known as the northern leopard frog also has the ability to make a clicking sound. They make a fast clicking sound and they can also make this rubber-stretching sound or a slow, creaky rocking chair sound.

· Katydids

This is a type of insect that generates a clicking sound. These insects are singing insects that usually make a sound at night.

· Western chorus frog

The western chorus frog is another animal that makes a loud clicking sound, especially at night.

Bird That Makes Clicking Sound: Final Say

So, we have listed some of the birds that generate clicking sounds. We have also listed other type of animals that makes clicking sounds as well as animals that make knocking sounds.

So, we do hope you’ve been enlightened about a bird that makes a clicking sound.


What animal or bird makes a clicking sound?

Some birds that make clicking sound include some parrot species such as macaw, cockatiels, and cockatoos. Examples of other animals that make clicking sound are click beetle, raccoon, squirrels, opossum, and so on.

What animal makes a loud clicking noise at night?

The western chorus frog is one animal known to make a loud clicking sound at night.