Watercolor Paintings Of Hummingbirds

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Watercolor paintings of hummingbirds are colorful artwork of drawing hummingbirds that you can try at home. It can even be a more interesting or fun thing to do with the kids, young adults, or even adults.

Hummingbirds are iridescent colorful birds that we love because of the colorful activities they bring to our yards. With hummingbirds hovering around our yard with their colorful feathers, sipping nectar from flower to flower or feeder to feeder, their elaborate dives during courtship, and more; there is just so much more to these lovely birds that we may not just get enough of them.

Now, imagine you drawing these colorful birds with watercolor paintings? Wouldn’t it be a fun thing to do especially for the kids? Of course!

So, let’s delve in and look into some things about watercolor paintings of hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Watercolor

 easy watercolor hummingbird

Water paintings of hummingbirds are the right materials for you to use in drawing your sweet hummers. It can be a quite pleasing and enjoyable thing for you when you can creatively draw and paint these lustrous hummers.

Although you can purchase an already made water painting hummingbird frame, you can still go for a DIY painting if you wish to be creative yourself.

Watercolor paintings of hummingbirds can then be used to decorate the walls of your home, office, and so on.

You can draw these iridescent birds with watercolor painting just to have a vivid print feature and a lifelike bird in your home.

Easy Watercolor Hummingbird: How To Paint A Hummingbird Using Watercolor

 How do you paint a hummingbird in watercolor?

It’s pretty easy creating and painting a colorful hummingbird using watercolor. Here is some guide to doing this:

Major materials required: painting brushes, palette, water, sketching or drawing sheet, and drawing pen.

The first thing to doing this is to obtain some materials. Ensure you invest in quality materials only.

For instance, use good quality watercolor paper, and don’t be tempted to use a cartridge or copier page. These are good quality because they are pretty thick and will feel great to paint on them.

Also, ensure you go for watercolor paints that are transparent and not poster paints that tend to be opaque.

Again, your water painting brushes should be of good quality so they can give you that seamless feel as you draw and paint.

You can do a simple test with the brush to attest you are using an ideal brush. Do this simple test by wetting the brush a little, then if you notice the end of the brush flops over, that implies the brush isn’t going to be so great to use for your painting. The ideal brush should still feel upright after wetting it in the water.

 How do you paint loose watercolor birds?


  • Draw or sketch the lines to form the shape of a hummingbird on your drawing sheet.
  • Then go ahead and select the colors you want for painting the various parts of the bird you’ve drawn.
  • For example, to paint a Ruby-throated hummer using watercolor paint, you may start by choosing the green color to paint the upper head of the bird. Then you may pick the red or ruby color and dab it on your painting brush to paint the red throat.
  • Take note to always dab the painting brush inside water as you pick the colors to paint the bird you’re drawing.
  • Then continue to draw choose the other colors of the body of the bird and keep on painting them with the appropriate colors. Paint down to the tail feathers.
  • Next, paint the wings. You want to make the wings look like a blur because hummingbirds wings flap so rapidly that all you may see is just a blur.
  • Then draw the tiny little feet of the hummingbird.
  • You can even give an impression of some dropping colors just to add that touch of dripping nectar and shimmering whimsical appearance to your painting.
  • Again, you can decide to draw a colorful flower right in front of the colorful flying hummingbird you have drawn.

So, we can see how easy it is to paint hummingbirds using watercolor paint.

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What To Do With Your Painting?

Once you’re done with your painting, you can simply hang this beautiful piece to decorate the wall of your living room, office, bedroom, hallway, and so on.

Hanging this can help the colorful piece you have made can make your home feel lively and have that vivid picture of our sweet iridescent hummer.

You can even decide to gift the lovely piece you’ve made as a birthday gift, housewarming gift, secret Santa gift, mother’s day or father’s day gift, new year gift, and so on. It can be a lovely gift for your kids and young children, family, lovers, friends, relatives, and the likes.

 hummingbird watercolor

What Does Hummingbirds Symbolize when it comes to art?

Many hummingbird enthusiasts have believe in the strong symbolism of these amazing birds. As of today, hummingbirds are becoming more and more popular when it comes to art than ever before.

What hummingbird art symbolizes is an accomplishment of something that may seem impossible to attain. Because these charming birds are always hovering and flying around and tirelessly searching for sweet nectar makes them ideal this symbol.

Therefore, these birds give us the reminder to always seek out the good things in life as well as the beauty in each day. Art can teach us how to seek out the miracles of life and joyful living from our circumstances.

So, a beautiful and colorful painting of these birds can be really inspiring to us birders.


Watercolor painting of hummingbirds can be a pleasing and enjoyable task for you to indulge in. You can give this interesting task a trial with your kids or your housemates and see how amazing the result will turn out.

If you’re interested in the art of drawing these charming birds, you can make use of watercolor paint. We have listed how you can go about doing this and we hope this guide can help you regarding this.


How do you paint a hummingbird in watercolor?

You can pint a hummingbird in watercolor by first sketching a hummingbird on a watercolor paper then begin painting the sketch with the appropriate colors of the type of hummingbird species you are drawing.

How do you paint loose watercolor birds?

You can paint loose watercolor birds by using a wet on wet painting technique.