Do Hummingbirds Eat Fruit?

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Hummingbirds are notorious for their love for the juicy nectar solution. But are you aware that these lustrous birds also eat other types of food? So what exactly are the other types of food hummingbirds eat? Do hummingbirds eat food such as fruit? Let’s find out.

Hummingbird’s favorite food source which is the juicy nectar is in the liquid form. Nectar offers these charming birds adequate energy for their vigorous daily activities and this nectar is gulped at a huge pace.

However, hummingbirds are also capable of feeding on other sources of food. The sweet nectar alone cannot offer them other nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and others for these birds to thrive well.

So, what we would actually like to know is if hummingbirds do eat fruit. We would also look into other food sources hummingbirds tend to eat. So, let’s begin.

Do Hummingbirds Like Fruit: Get To Know If Hummingbird Eat Fruit

Have you ever wondered if hummingbirds do like fruit juice? Hummingbirds have a love for sweet things. So, hummingbirds actually do eat or suck on fresh fruit juice.

Therefore, fresh fruits such as pears, berries, apples, and so on provide fresh fruits to these sweet hummers. So, hummingbirds do eat all types of fresh fruits.

Surprisingly, when other birds peck on overly ripe fruits, it becomes a good avenue for these birds to sip juice from the fruit.

You can even put some slices of fresh fruits in your backyard. You can as well place some canned or bottled fruit for your sweet little hummers to sip. It will even be better if the fruit were to be red in color as hummingbirds are known to be attracted to the red color.

 do hummingbirds eat fruit

Types Of Fruit Hummingbird Eat

Our sweet little hummers can feed on a wide variety of fruits. Having many options of these types of juicy fruits in your garden will further attract hummingbirds to your vicinity.

So, here are some of the fruit these charming hummers tend to sip on:

  • Apple
  • Berries
  • Prickly pears
  • Melons
  • Oranges
  • Pears

When these fruits are peeled, cut open, or if the flesh is opened of these fruits is opened in any way, then you may have hummingbirds sipping these fruits.

What Does Hummingbirds Drink?

Hummingbirds love to sip on sweet nectar juice both from flowers and hummingbird feeders. Nectar is the most abundant and popular food source for hummingbirds. They obtain nectar from flowers as well as hummingbird feeders.

These iridescent birds have a high metabolism that requires energy and nectar is the perfect fuel that will supply them with the required energy.

Also, these lustrous birds will as well sip on fresh fruit juice if given the opportunity.

 do hummingbirds like fruit

Other Types Of Food Sources Hummingbird Feed On

Sweet nectar juice and fruit juice isn’t the only diet of hummingbirds. While nectar supplies hummingbird with their required energy for their high metabolism, nectar alone cannot provide other necessary nutrients hummingbird requires.

Hummingbird needs to obtain other nutrients such as proteins and amino acids from other food sources.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the other food sources hummingbirds tend to feed on:

1.    Small insects

Small insects such as gnats, fruit flies, aphids, beetles, mites, mosquitoes, and so on, are also another great part of the hummingbird’s diet. They will also feed on the larvae and insects’ eggs. These small insects supply hummingbirds with the necessary proteins these birds require.

While hummingbirds sip on nectar from flowers, they also forage for small insects. They search for small insects in places such as tree foliage, under loose bark, spider web, and so on.

These charming hummers can eat several dozens of insects daily. They can even eat as many as hundreds or even thousands of small insects in a day. The number of insects the hummers tend to consume daily actually depends on how available the insects are. It also depends on each hummingbird’s dietary needs.

2.    Tree sap

If there aren’t any other available food sources for hummingbirds, tree sap can serve as nectar for hummingbirds. Although this tree sap may not be as sweet as nectar juice, it can still supply hummingbirds with the required energy they need for the day.

3.    Pollen

Hummingbirds don’t directly or naturally consume pollen. However, they end up ingesting pollen when they feed on sweet nectar from flowers. This is in turn supplies extra protein to the hummingbird’s diet.

 do hummingbirds like fruit juice

4.    Sand and ashes

Some hummingbirds have also sighted eating sand and ashes in small quantities. In some cases, these birds may indirectly feed on this grit. These birds may pick small insects from these sand and ashes rather than actually eat them

A small amount of this grit is used by these birds to digest the insects they eat.

Furthermore, this type of food can supply these birds with some other minerals and salt. This can help meet part of the needs of hummingbirds’ diet.

Will Hummingbird Eat Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are also included in hummingbirds’ diets and they are one of hummingbird’s favorite food. You can put peeled banana fruit or an overripe fruit out in your garden and this will attract fruit flies.

Hence, not only will hummingbirds have nectar to sip on, but your sweet hummers will also have enough fruit flies to feed on feed on. This will in turn serve or provide protein for hummingbirds.

Final Say

Understanding the types of food hummingbirds likes will help you better improve how you can set up your garden to attract hummingbirds.

Apart from the popular sweet nectar, there are other food sources of hummingbirds included in the hummingbird’s diet. Hummingbirds also tend to sip on fresh fruit juice.

Nectar juice only provides energy for the high metabolic rate of these birds. Other nutrients and minerals also need to be met. This means hummingbirds will need to feed on other food sources apart from nectar to provide these extra nutrients.

These lustrous birds will also feed on dozens of small insects in a day. These small insects supply our sweet hummers with the required protein for adequate development.

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