Do Hummingbirds Use Birdhouses? Here’s The Best Place To Install Them

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We know hummingbirds love sleeping in secluded tree crowns but do hummingbirds use birdhouses? We understand you want to provide your hummers with the best care, so they keep returning and bringing joy to your garden, but birdhouses might not be their favorite.

Hummingbirds sleep perked on branches, sometimes even hanging upside-down well until they need to lay their eggs. Females then build the coziest tiny nest to keep the eggs safe and warm.

Read on to find out do hummingbirds use birdhouses and should you invest in some!

Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep

Hummingbirds are active from sunrise until sunset. As the sun disappears, they retreat to a safe location. What do hummingbirds use for shelter? Usually a bush or a tree with dense vegetation. During the day, the hummingbird consumes twice its weight in nectar and protein only to survive. Since they don’t eat at night, they have to preserve energy.

The hummingbirds fall into a state of rest called torpor, where their heart beats slower, their body temperature decreases, and they flip upside down. Don’t get scared if you spot a hummingbird hanging from a branch; it’s perfectly fine.

As the sun begins to rise, the hummingbird exits the torpor stage and slowly wakes up.

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What Do Hummingbirds Use For Nesting

Do hummingbirds use birdhouses for nesting? No, the female hummingbird starts preparing the nest even before she finds a mate. The hummingbird nest is no more than 1.5 inches in diameter and is made of soft materials such as spider silk, down, and moss.

The bird picks a sheltered spot within her territory, at 10 to 90 feet height, and starts gathering material. As the mating period approaches, you can see her vigorously flying to and from the nest, finishing up the last piece.

Providing Nesting Material

The hummingbirds won’t use any man-made nest, but you can scatter down, moss, and tiny twigs around the garden for the bird to collect. Some hummingbird enthusiasts go to the extent of putting a wooden box full of nesting material on the tree.

Whatever you decide to go with, beware that hummingbirds are not keen on human interaction, and you might make her change her safe place.

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When Do Hummingbirds Build Nests

Got your hands on it, but when should you hang a hummingbird nest? Follow the bird’s routine. May is often the peak of the breeding season, so the nest should be up at least a few weeks prior. Hummingbirds start building as early as March and it takes them around a week to finish the nest.

Depending on your location, it’s best to hang the nest as soon as you spot some hummingbird frequency.

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Do Hummingbirds Use Birdhouses

What Kind Of Birdhouse Do Hummingbirds Like

The key feature hummingbirds look for in a birdhouse or nest is safety. They’re very territorial, and the mother raises the young alone. She needs to pick a spot that is far from predators so she can leave and get food without the young being in danger.

Do hummingbirds use birdhouses? No, but you can still help them feel safe. Your best bet is to provide enough shelter: shrubs, tall trees, and even thorny plants like roses are excellent. Large predators avoid these plants, so the hummingbird can easily hide. Don’t trim your trees too much; let them bushier, and the hummingbirds will settle.

Do Hummingbirds Use Birdhouses

Unlike many other birds, hummingbirds don’t like birdhouses. Only the females build nests and sleep in them when raising their young. The male hummingbirds never use nests. He doesn’t even help the mother build the nest for their young. However, both genders benefit from a cozy, sheltered spot on a tall tree.

Do hummingbirds use birdhouses after hatching? No, the fledging stay with their mother in the same nest until they are ready to fly on their own.

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Where To Install Birdhouses For Hummingbirds

If you decide to make a hummingbird birdhouse with a nest, we’d suggest installing it as tall as you can on a bushy tree. This can be a challenge, but it’s probably the only way to get a hummingbird to use it.

Once you install the nest, don’t walk around the area much, as the hummingbird might leave the spot. Hummingbirds have one to three broods a year, so if you want to provide a birdhouse, do it before the first brood. This means putting up the house as early as March.

Do hummingbirds use birdhouses that are too low? No, they don’t feel safe and are easily accessible to predators.

Where To Install Birdhouses For Hummingbirds

Purchasing Birdhouses

There are several birdhouses for hummingbirds available online that make a decorative addition to your garden. If you hang them near a food spot like flowers and feeders, there are greater chances that the hummingbird will use it.

Take things a step further and add a water bubbler nearby!

Do Hummingbirds Reuse A Nest?

Even though hummingbirds can lay up to 3 broods a year, they will use a different nest each time. When it comes to reusing birdhouses, there’s no data available.

Bottom Line: Do Hummingbirds Use Birdhouses?

Birdhouses can be a lovely garden decor, but do hummingbirds use birdhouses? Facts tell us, no, but you can still try and test it on your own. In the hummingbird world, the female is the one building the nest so the eggs can be safe, hatch, and grow securely.

The main trouble is hanging the birdhouse. Hummingbirds build their nests at up to 90 feet on relatively inaccessible branches. We’re far larger than hummingbirds, so executing this mission can be troublesome.

Let us know if you try hanging a birdhouse for hummingbirds this season!


What do hummingbirds use for shelter?

When chased by a predator, hummingbirds hide in thorny plants like roses, succulents, and other shrubs. When building their nest, they look for a secluded bushy tree branch at an immense height.

When should you hang a hummingbird nest?

Hummingbirds mate from April to July, with May being the peak season. It's best to hang the nest in April so the hummingbird has time to discover and customize it to her needs.