Hanging Baskets That Attract Hummingbirds

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We hummingbird enthusiasts always love to have our jeweled feathered friends flying around our areas. Hanging baskets that attract hummingbirds with flowers can be one great way to encourage these iridescent birds to keep coming to your yard.

So far, these sweet hummers can find your radiant flowers that are rich in nectar, it will encourage them to keep coming again and again. You can get a hanging basket and fill them up with attractive flowers. Apart from enticing hummingbirds by doing this, these flowers can also offer that dazzling and wow effect to your yard.

Now, when you hang these baskets filled with lovely flowers, you can watch how our little feathered friends come flying into your area. So, let’s look into ways you can hang your flower basket that can successfully entice hummingbirds.

Hanging Baskets That Attract Hummingbirds

Hanging baskets that attract hummingbirds are a great choice to decorate flowers in your garden to get hummingbird’s attention. All you have to do is to select and fill the basket with radiant flowers of colors that are known to entice hummers.

The first thing hummingbirds will notice is the color of your garden. These birds have excellent eyesight and can see even from a great distance. Colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow, and so on are great choices. So, go for flowers with radiant colors.

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Tips To Selecting Flowers For Your Hanging Baskets

Below are tips to guide you into the ideal types of flowers to choose for your hanging basket:

1.    Choose Colorful and Nectar-rich Flowers

The first and most crucial point when it comes to flowers for hanging baskets just to select to attract hummingbirds is to go for colorful and nectar-rich flowers. After all, it is this nectar that usually lures our jeweled feathered friends to keep visiting our yard again and again.

2.    Tubular Shaped Flowers

Hummingbirds like tubular-shaped flowers because it gives them access to dip their bill into flowers and easily sip nectars. So, we recommend you go for tubular-shaped flowers when selecting the types of flowers to hang on your baskets.

 hanging baskets that attract hummingbirds hanging baskets that attract hummingbirds

3.    Offer a Basket of Abundance Flowers

Let your hanging basket feature different plants with a resourceful amount of blooms such as million bells. Then you can experience more hummers visit your garden more.

4.    Choose Plants with a Favorable Bloom Time

Choose flowers that have extended or repeated blooming seasons. You can also plant many different baskets with staggered bloom periods. You can also go for flowers that bloom continuously all through their flowering season. An example of this type of flower is petunia.

5.    Growth Habit of Plants to Choose

Go for trailing plants that extend perfectly from the plant’s foliage. This is to facilitate easy feeding as hummingbirds love to hover and beat their wings rapidly in the midair while they feed.

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Hanging Baskets Flowers For Hummingbirds: The Type Of Basket To Select

When it comes to selecting baskets for hanging your flowers, you can choose any baskets because hummingbirds aren’t so picky when it comes to the basket you choose.

However, wire baskets that are lined with sphagnum moss are a great choice because they can provide nesting materials for hummingbirds. This is because moss and lichen are hummingbirds’ preferred materials to use for building their nest.

We recommend a basket of about 12 inches or more in diameter as this will be easy to maintain. Also, it can be more visually appealing as it can hold more plants.

How To Hang Your Flower Basket

The ideal spot to hang your should be an area that is sunny and sheltered from the wind. It can be close to a deck or patio so you can easily and closely watch hummingbird’s activities.

Another thing we recommend is to hang two baskets if possible. There are some hummingbird species (male especially) that are pretty territorial when it comes to food sources.

So, you can hang a second basket that will be out of view so it can reduce competition among hummingbirds. For instance, you can hang one basket in your backyard and hang another in your front yard.

Also, ensure you hang your basket in the same place every year. These lustrous birds have a good memory and they can come looking for hanging baskets in that same location every year of their season.

Some Recommended Hanging Plants To Attract Hummingbirds

Some flowers recommended for your hanging baskets include;

  • Petunias: these are colorful and inexpensive flowers that work great for hanging baskets.
  • Trumpet vine: they are abundant and huge flowers that usually come in a shade of red. This makes them excellent for a hanging basket.
  • Fuchsia: they are radiant hardy perennials that supply nectar to hummingbirds throughout summer.
  • Bleeding heart: they tend to bloom during spring and they are perennial plants that require little maintenance.
  • Impatiens: these are radiant colorful flowers and you can use them to brighten up any dark or shady areas.
  • Nasturtiums: they are trailing edible flowers that are a great choice for hanging baskets to attract hummingbirds. Nasturtiums plants are usually grown as annuals and they can come in trailing or bush types.

More flowers you can use for hanging baskets to attract hummingbirds include; scarlet runner, honeysuckle, morning glory, cardinal climber, bee balm, veronica, snapdragon, salvia, million bells, firecracker, cigar, and so on.

Final Say

Radiant flowers are things that attract hummingbirds to our yards. Hanging baskets that attract hummingbirds can give you a good result if you wish to lure these sweet hummers to your yard.

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You can even be creative with these flowers as you combine different flowers in your hanging basket. Thus, this will also give your landscape a radiant touch.

We have listed some great tips to guide you into the kind of flowers that can best suit your hummers to successfully entice them to your garden. So, do well to follow our tips and watch these iridescent feathered birds trooping into your yard.


What color flowers attract hummingbirds?

The red color is the most outstanding color for hummingbirds. Hence, red color flowers can attract hummingbirds more. But generally, bright or radiant colors such as pink, orange, yellow, etc. tend to attract hummingbirds.

What potted flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies?

Colorful or radiant potted flowers that have nectars can attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

What smell attracts hummingbirds?

These sweet hummers do not have a strong sense of smell. What they have is a very sharp eye sight which is why they are enticed by bright and colorful things generally.