Hummingbird Feeders For Windows

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Wouldn’t you love to just sit in your sitting room or even your kitchen and watch these sweet little hummers fly by your window and feed at your window? Hummingbird feeders for windows can allow you to achieve this.

Apart from placing feeders in your garden to feed hummingbirds, you can also feed your hummingbirds in style by obtaining a hummingbird window feeder. This can even allow you to have a good view that is up close.

Not to worry about startling them. Just stay calm and make sure you don’t make any sudden movement. They may not even notice you’re just a few inches away and you can have a clear view as they sip nectar at your window.

So, let’s look into how pleasing it can be to watch hummingbirds hover about your window with the help of a hummingbird feeder for windows.

Window Hummingbird Feeder

Gardens are the major popular places where feeders are usually placed to attract hummingbirds. But when you place these feeders in your garden, you may only experience a far or distant view of hummingbirds except you make use of binoculars.

However, you can easily set up your feeders close to any window of your choice in your house. You can place the feeders close to the window of your kitchen or even in the window of one of your favorite rooms.

This allows you to get that up close and personal view of these sweet little birds flying around and sipping nectars from your feeders.

 Can I put hummingbird feeder on window?

Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

There are different hummingbird feeders you can position close to your window. Window mounted feeder is one of them. This type of feeder can usually be attached to your glass windows with the help of a suction cup that part of the feeder is made of.

Tips To Hanging Hummingbird Feeder To Windows And Successfully Attracting Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are curious and investigating animals and they can feed in just about any place that has a reliable food source which is usually nectar. Their high metabolism requires them to feed multiple times in a day.

Usually, feeders are hung outdoors in our gardens. But we may want to experience these birds more closely. This is where the hummingbird’s feeder for windows comes to play.

Hummingbird feeders for windows are great strategies to invite our lustrous friends to hover more closely with us. Just obtain and mount a hummingbird feeder close to any window in your house and observe how these birds will come flying about your feeders.

However, you can’t just mount your hummingbird feeder in your window and expect a miracle. You have to put in more work to further increase your chances of these birds visiting or even noticing the feeders you’ve hung in your window.

 How do you hang a hummingbird feeder in a window?

So, below are some tips to increase your chances of hummingbirds visiting your window-mounted feeders:

· Use Vibrant Colors of Hummingbird Feeders

Ensure the feeder you’re using has a touch of some vibrant color such as red. Hummingbirds have keen eyesight so radiant colors are usually the first thing they notice and this usually gets them curious and can lure them to find out what’s in for them.

Then once they get to the spot of attraction, they will end up finding your feeder and dip their bill and feed from it. Hence, this will give you the chance of viewing some of the hummingbird’s activities in the comfort of your room.

· Make your Garden Attractive to Hummingbirds

Attracting hummingbirds to your window may not be a straightforward thing. These birds won’t just fly by and stumble on the feeder you’ve placed close to your window.

The spot where you hang your feeder in your window may be a bit far from your garden. But the first thing you should think of is to make your garden more welcoming to plenty of hummingbirds.

Once, enough of these birds have settled in your garden, then chances are that a few of them can catch the feeder you’ve placed at your window and fly to the spot to feed. So, you need to first invite enough hummingbirds to your garden, you can relax and wait until a few of them finds the feeder you’ve mounted at your window.

 hummingbird feeders for windows

You should plant native radiant flowers that have been known to attract hummingbirds in your garden and hang feeders in your garden. Also, further decorate your garden with red cloths or ribbon by tying them to trees, plants, poles, and so on.

Doing this will invite hummingbirds to your garden and it will further increase the chances of hummingbirds finding your mounted feeder at your window.

So, you need to first invite enough hummingbirds to your garden, you can relax and wait until a few of them finds the feeder you’ve mounted at your window.

· Go for Feeders with More than one Feeding Port

Multiple feeding ports in your feeders will ensure more than one hummingbird can dine on your feeder.

· Maintain a Clean and Avoid Bees or Wasps Invasion

 window hummingbird feeder

It is imperative you always maintain a clean feeder. Ensure you clean your feeder from time to time especially if there has been any spill because hummingbirds may spill some nectar solution around the feeder as they sip nectar.

This will reduce the chances of bee invasion. Although hummingbirds can feed in harmony with just a few numbers of bees, if the population however increases on the feeder, hummingbirds usually abandon the feeder.

So, ensure you keep our feeder clean to reduce the chances of inviting bees or wasps.

· Replace and Refill Feeders at an Appropriate Time

You need to always maintain a fresh nectar solution for these hummers. If your nectar solution turns sour or they have an unpleasant taste, hummingbirds can abandon the feeder and look elsewhere to get a reliable fresh food source.

· Hang Feeders in a Shaded Spot

High temperature tends to increase the fermentation of nectar solutions making them turn sour. Now, this makes your nectar uninviting to hummingbirds and we want to avoid this.

So, ensure you hang feeders in shaded spots. Then replace nectar solution like 2 times weekly when the temperature is high. Then when the temperature is cool or moderate, you can change nectar solutions twice or thrice in a week.


As you can see from the above, it is quite possible to observe our feathered from the comfort of our home or rooms when we mount hummingbird feeders close to our windows. Hummingbird feeders for windows are great choices for attracting these lustrous birds to our windows.


Can I put hummingbird feeder on window?

Yes, you can put feeders on your window in order to attract hummingbirds to feed close to your window so far the feeder is outdoor.

How do you hang a hummingbird feeder in a window?

You should position your feeder within 3 feet of your window. But if your feeder is a mounted feeder type, you can simply attach it to the wall of your glass window through the suction cup.