How To Make A Hummingbird Fountain

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Do you wish to learn how to make a hummingbird fountain for your sweet lustrous hummers? Then this is it.

The sound and movement of water is another alluring moment for hummingbirds as well as beautifying your garden. It’s a classic thing to add a birdbath to your garden, just make sure you choose the type that is suitable for hummingbirds.

Setting up a hummingbird fountain in your garden will create an easy spot for our sweet hummers to perch as well as take advantage of the water.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy way on how to make a hummingbird fountain, then let’s look into this.

Hummingbird Bath Fountain

Hummingbirds do appreciate water. Putting up a fountain in your garden is another great way of attracting hummingbirds to your garden. Most fountains usually have the perfect dept for hummingbirds as hummingbirds don’t like too deep water.

Hummingbirds can comfortably perch by the edge or rim of the fountain. Setting up a birdbath fountain for your charming hummers offers them water to wash up nectar that ends up splashing all over their body when as they sip nectar.

These charming hummers love a fountain with shallow water, small bubblers, and rough textures. This encourages these lustrous hummers to help with feet gripping as well as perching. It also encourages them to rub their feathers against surfaces these rough surfaces.

 diy bird bath fountain

Is Water Really Needed By Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds aren’t like many other birds that regularly visit water sources or birdbath when they really need to drink water. Their water needs are usually met by the nectar they sip from.

However, hummingbirds still need water to bathe and wash the sticky leftover from nectar off their feathers. They need to do this to maintain their radiant and colorful plumage and to keep them in top condition for insulation and efficient flight.

Tips To A Successful DIY Hummingbird Water Fountain

Creating a hummingbird fountain has to be done the right way so you can achieve great results. Here are some tips you can follow to accomplish your DIY hummingbird water fountain:

  1. Your hummingbird fountain should not be stagnant because hummingbird doesn’t like stagnant water. So, ensure your water is always moving.
  2. The water bath must be very shallow. Ideally, it should be as shallow as less than a centimeter.
  3. You can set up showering water or spraying water. The water can as well be bubbling and gentle.
  4. Adding rocks to the base of the water bath is also a good idea as hummingbirds like wet rocks. The addition of rocks will also help with reducing the depth of the bath making it more shallow. The texture of the rock helps with gripping their feet. It also helps with rubbing against to scrub their feathers.

DIY Bird Bath Fountain

You can purchase an already made bird bath fountain. However, creating a DIY bird bath fountain in your garden for your hummingbird is an easy and economical thing to do.

Therefore, we have listed how you can make a hummingbird fountain for your sweet little hummers.

How To Make A Hummingbird Fountain

There are different methods or types of hummingbird fountains you can make. Follow these guidelines on how to make a hummingbird fountain:

1.    The rock fountain (DIY)

This type of hummingbird fountain is made from a bowl with a pump.

Materials required:

  • A bowl (about 5 inches deep). This bowl should be able to fit the pump as well as some rocks that are about fist size.
  • Some fist-sized rocks.
  • Submersible pump.

To set up the rock fountain, position the submersible pump at the center of the bowl. Then arrange the fist-sized pump in a circular form around the pump.

Next, add water and ensure the water level covers the pump but leaves out the nozzle. Also, ensure the upper part of the rocks above the waterline. Then you can position your bowl anywhere you wish.

If you’re making use of a solar pump, ensure the solar panel is in a perfect spot where it receives direct sunlight. Then your rock fountain is ready to go.

2.    Ball fountain (DIY)

Another type of hummingbird fountain you can make is the ball fountain. Although you can purchase one of these types of the fountain, however, they can get really pricey. The good thing is you can go for a DIY ball fountain by making one for yourself. You can simply do this by making it out of concrete.

 hummingbird bath fountain

The interesting thing about this fountain is that hummingbirds love a fountain that is sphere-shaped. This ball fountain combines a gentle burble of water from which they can dip into and sip from.

Additionally, it comes with a thin sheet of water running over a hard surface. This makes them comfortable sitting on this ball and rolling around it.

3.    Bucket bath (DIY)

The bucket bath fountain is similar to the rock fountain. However, the bucket bath offers more space so it allows you to increase the amount of water. hence, refilling every day won’t be necessary.

The bucket serves as a reservoir, and a simple top piece of a fountain is created with the bucket bath fountain.

The things you will require are:

  • A submersible pump (solar or electric plug).
  • 5 gallons of a bucket that will serve as a reservoir. You can as well make use of a 3 or 4-gallon bucket like a large planter with no drainage holes.
  • A plastic chip and a drip tray are required for the top piece for a fountain effect. Alternatively, you can make use of the lid of the bucket to get a more splash pad effect.
  • Tubing that is long enough to run from the top to the bottom of your bucket.
  • A hole driller to make some holes inside the plastic.

 hummingbird water fountain

Additional Say On How To Make A Hummingbird Fountain

When we bird lovers cater to our hummingbirds, we always want the best for them so we can keep having lots of these lustrous birds visit our garden.

One positive way of enticing these birds is by making available moving water. So, what better way than having a hummingbird fountain in your garden?

So, follow our tips on how to make a hummingbird fountain so you can enjoy watching these charming birds play around with water.

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