When Do Hummingbirds Nest IN Arizona?

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Hummingbirds are, by far, the most popular birds in North America. There are many different species of hummingbird that nest anywhere between southern Texas and Alaska but the ones found in the southwestern United States typically begin nesting at some point during March or April depending on how cold it is. If you’re wondering when this happens where you live there’s a good chance your local birding society has an article about it.

Hummingbirds are one of the most popular birds to visit during the summer months. They can be seen in Arizona, but when do they nest? Hummingbird nests are typically built by the female hummingbird on a branch or other similar location. Read more in detail here: feeding hummingbirds in arizona.

How do you protect a hummingbird nest?

A: Hummingbird nests are typically built in a sheltered spot, such as a tree or building. If you find one, the best option is to remove it from its current location and relocate it to an area that is more secure.


In Arizona, hummingbirds typically nest from April to October. The best time to stop feeding them is in the late summer and early fall. Reference: when to stop feeding hummingbirds in arizona.

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