Do Fuchsia Plants Attract Hummingbirds? 100 Family Members Vs. 1 Hummer

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Do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds? Take a look at this article and find out if the color of this flower and its scent perfectly match this bird.

You don’t need to be an experienced gardener to know that beautiful and delicate fuchsias come in thousands of varieties and colors. This plant with its colorful flowers adorns yards all over the world. Moreover, it’s no secret that these somewhat unusual flowers can leave a big impact on your garden and around the house. It is an excellent addition to any balcony because it can be grown hanging from a basket or on the ground in a pot.

These nectar-rich plants with distinctive pollen attract pollinators, but do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds? Don’t go anywhere but stay here because we bring you a real factual treat.

Meet The Main Actor Of Today’s Story: Fuchsia

Spring to autumn is the season in which this drop-dead gorgeous plant shows its entire splendor. During that season, this beauty displays one after another, dozens of brightly colored hanging, single or double teardrop flowers from its trailing stems. What gardeners especially appreciate is the fact that fuchsia thrives where hardly any plant can survive, in the hated rather shady conditions.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose whether or not to plant it, we recommend that you don’t overthink it. This plant is a really great addition because with its drooping flowers hanging down it can imitate something like a fancy crystal chandelier, but much more unique.


Did you know that the Fuchsia genus contains more than 100 woody shrubs and trees? It sounds a bit unbelievable considering that we are mostly used to hybrids that we get in garden centers. Hybrid options are ideal for hanging baskets and other containers and are suitable for the conditions that our balconies, terraces, and gardens provide.

Do you know what’s best of all? A welcome benefit of growing fuchsias is their appeal to a variety of pollinators, which can range from honey bees to certain bumblebee species. However, what about our favorite birds? Do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds? Find out below if the fuchsia plant-hummingbirds’ relationship is real.

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Do Fuchsia Plants Attract Hummingbirds?

Given that its beautiful flowers last all summer long and there are thousands of varieties available, it’s no wonder that this plant is one of the most loved around the world. It can most often be found in shades of white, candy pink, magenta, purple and red, and some individuals belonging to this diverse family can have golden, variegated, or purple or red-tinged foliage and leaves in addition to the classic green.

As you may have heard or seen many times before, pollinators, including the main actors of this story, prefer brightly-colored tubular, flowers that produce a lot of nectar. It is very important to enrich the garden with their favorite flowers if you want to enjoy their visits every day.

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Do Fuchsia Plants Attract Hummingbirds?

To be honest, during the past number of years the population of these birds has been in steady decline. So don’t skip decorating your garden with different, pollinator-friendly flowers to encourage these beneficial birds to come back into our gardens. Keep in mind that our survival largely depends on their well-being.

Now that we have explained everything, it is finally time to clarify the answer to the question “do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds”. In short, fuchsia is one of the best plants to choose from if you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

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The Appeal Is There, But Do Hummingbirds Like Fuchsia Plants?

Just like when two people decide to get into a relationship, attraction is only the first step, and liking and love are what keep the couple together.

We know these creatures are just crazy about bee balms, columbines, daylilies, lupines, foxgloves, and hollyhocks, but do hummingbirds like fuchsia? Yes, there is both attraction and love about this fuchsia plant-hummingbirds’ relationship.

Gardeners most often choose to plant Hardy Fuchsia because it is widely known to be adapted to hummingbird pollination in a variety of ways. These unique flying creatures are simply attracted to the variegated sepals of this plant. In addition, it is extremely important to note that the position of its hanging flowers allows this bird to easily hover in place while drinking the abundant nectar of the flowers.

We didn’t want to mention how important it was for no reason. If you’ve read one of our past articles, you may have noticed that these creatures spend about half their body weight in various creepy crawlies and nectar. Hummingbirds are known to be birds with huge appetites and extremely fast metabolisms that require feeding every 10-15 minutes and visiting somewhere between 1000-2000 flowers in a day (depending on the season) just to survive.


Finally, remember that both this pollinator and the world benefit manifold from each other. Namely, pollinators are there to, among other things, help the flowers to spread as much as possible. So the pollen is rubbed on the bird’s head as it feeds and then transferred from flower to flower.

Finally, we would like to mention one more thing, no matter how fragrant fuchsia is to us, its smell means absolutely nothing to hummingbirds; they rely on bright colors to find their food.

When it all comes together, always keep in mind the fact that we must do everything we can to provide pollinators with everything they need for a healthy and long life. If our tiny pollinators become extinct, the entire human race will disappear in a few years.

That’s it, now you know the answer to the question “do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds”.

To Wrap Up – Do Fuchsia Plants Attract Hummingbirds?

Fuchsias are much-loved plants around the world, mainly because of their colorful, hanging flowers that look a bit like dancing skirts. Experts advise that you should always plant colorful and fragrant plants and flowers if you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

So, do fuchsia plants attract hummingbirds? Yes, fuchsias are one of a number of plants that you can’t go wrong with.

Are hummingbirds frequent visitors to your garden? Let us know in the comment section below!

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