How Many Eggs Does A Hummingbird Lay?

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Have you ever wondered how many eggs does a hummingbird lay? If you are particularly interested in these very little and beautiful birds, this may be of great interest to you.

Different factors actually influence the number of eggs a hummingbird may lay. Also, there are a few things you should know about a hummingbird’s egg. This will allow for easy clarifications.

This write-up gives an exposition into the number of eggs you should expect to see in a hummingbird’s nest. Also, the size of the eggs, the color, shape, and texture will be discussed in this article.

Knowledge of how many eggs a hummingbird lay is a starting point to learning about these tiny flashy birds. Now let’s turn our attention to the eggs of these birds.

Do Hummingbird Lay Eggs?

Before we delve into the question of how many eggs hummingbirds lay, let’s consider whether they lay eggs. Just like most other birds, these tiny creatures lay eggs.

The eggs are usually dull white. This color means that the eggs are kept cool, but then, they are exposed to UV dangers. The color of hummingbird eggs seems to have been greatly impacted by evolutionary pressure.

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Hummingbirds Eggs: Number Of Eggs Hummingbird  Lay

Hummingbirds eggs usually range from about one to three eggs. However, the very common number of eggs you will find in a hummingbird nest is two.

The eggs laid by hummingbirds would appear very tiny when placed in comparison with the eggs of other birds. But considering the size of this bird, this is not the case. The egg is proportion to its body size is actually relatively big.

But how many babies do hummingbirds have? This is the same as the number of eggs laid. Hence, hummingbirds will ideally have two babies.

Now you know how many eggs a hummingbird lays, let’s discuss how big or small their eggs are.

The Size Of Hummingbirds Eggs

Just the way there are various species of hummingbirds, the sizes of their eggs vary. There are no less than 350 species of hummingbirds inhabiting the Western Hemisphere.

One of the smallest species of Hummingbirds, the Bee Hummingbird, lays eggs similar in size to coffee beans. This species of hummingbirds are commonly found in Cuba.

One of the largest hummingbirds- the Giant Hummingbird, they lay eggs that are the length of a penny. The Ruby-throated hummingbird on the other hand lays eggs weighing one-fifth of a penny’s weight.

Weight Of Hummingbird Eggs

The weight of hummingbirds varies from species to species. But one fact that’s true in all species of hummingbirds is that they are lightweights.

Hummingbirds eggs usually weigh between 0.4 grams to 1.4 grams. The newly laid eggs weigh between 0.4 to 0.62 grams. The eggs add in weight as time progresses.

How Often Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs?

Most hummingbirds usually lay eggs one to three times every year. This varies depending on the species of hummingbird. For instance, Anna’s Hummingbird usually has two or three broods every year.

Also, most non-migratory hummingbirds living in the tropics lay eggs twice or three times every year.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird, which typically migrates every year, usually has only a single brood annually. There are however occasions where this species may lay more than once. One is where its nest gets destroyed early in the breeding season.

When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs

What primarily determines the time when a hummingbird may lay eggs is its location. For instance, the Ruby-throated hummingbird, which has a single brooding in a year, lays eggs between March and May. Since they are migratory, weather affects them.

On the other hand, Costa’s hummingbirds usually lay their eggs from February to June. The Rufous Hummingbirds however lay their eggs usually between April and July in a year.

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Period It Take For A Hummingbird Egg To Hatch?

After a hummingbird has laid its eggs, the incubation period begins. This is the stage where the egg temperature is regulated by the bird to ensure healthy embryonic growth.

Depending on the particular species, this process lasts between two to three weeks. The males usually absent themselves during this period. This means the female is exclusively responsible for caring for the eggs and for themselves.

To balance this need for food and caring for the eggs, the female hummingbirds usually embark on brief yet frequent food-gathering trips. This may be as often as six to nine times in one hour.

Where the hummingbird lays her egg in the tropic region, it is easier for the females. They can leave the nests for a longer period since the low temperature is not an issue.

Where Do Hummingbirds Lay Their Eggs?

Hummingbirds, just like many other birds, lay their eggs in nests. These nests are usually made from woven spiderweb thread. The nest is usually camouflaged with moss and lichen to keep it hidden.

They usually begin constructing a nest with twigs and bits of plants and leaves. The leaves usually serve as the base of the nest. The spider silk is however the most important material the hummingbird uses in building its nest.

The female hummingbirds are usually the ones concerned with building the nests. They usually spend about seven days constructing the nest.

The nests are renowned as the smallest bird nests in the world. They usually measure only a little over one inch in diameter. The size of the species of hummingbird and the construction materials usually affect the size of the nest constructed.

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How To Find A Hummingbird Nest

If you are particularly interested in hummingbirds, you may have wondered where hummingbirds lay eggs and how to find them. Hummingbirds are extremely cautious when selecting a location for their eggs.

But if you are really interested in knowing where hummingbirds lay their eggs around you, give this a try. Look closely at thin, forked branches and dense shrubs. Hummingbirds like nesting and laying eggs on tree knots, so you may get lucky.

Also, by carefully observing the behaviors of hummingbirds around your garden from a distance, you may get lucky. When you notice the females keep visiting a particular spot repeatedly, that may be their nest.

Conclusion: How Many Eggs Does A Hummingbird Lay

This question – How many eggs does a hummingbird lay has been sufficiently answered in this article. Your curiosity on the number of eggs usually laid by a hummingbird should have been put to rest.

Now you know all of the above about a hummingbird egg and nest, be sure to put some of this knowledge to good use when you see a hummingbird.

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