How To Get A Hummingbird Out Of Your House

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Do you know how to get a hummingbird that happens to get trapped out of your house? Hummingbirds can come around our houses and even stay in our gardens, but they cannot be kept as pests. This is completely illegal to do.

These tiny beautiful birds can be attracted to our gardens and around our homes by placing hummingbird feeders in strategic locations. These birds also get attracted to our gardens by flowers which they like to suckle on.

When these beautiful birds are around your yard or garden, they may accidentally fly into your house. When this happens, you are expected to get the trapped hummingbird out of your house.

This article gives you a guide on what to do on how to get a hummingbird out of your house. It also gives some precautionary measures to protect these birds. Now let’s delve into how to get a trapped hummingbird out of your house.

Places Where Hummingbirds Can Easily Get Trapped

 how to catch a hummingbird without hurting it

There are quite a lot of places where Hummingbirds can easily get trapped around your house.

Hummingbirds like to explore different areas of the yard, lawn, and occasionally get trapped inside the house. The following are the likely places where these beautiful birds can get trapped:

1.    Houses

Building structures around you are one of the likeliest places where hummingbirds may easily get trapped. Where you leave most of your windows, doors, and other entrances open, these birds may easily fly in and get trapped.

These birds easily get attracted to red, so having red objects around your house will more likely get them attracted.

2.    Playhouses

Where you have a kid’s playhouse around with entrances opened, these birds may get stranded and trapped in such playhouses. A bright-colored child’s playhouse can very easily attract a hummingbird. When the hummingbird goes in, it may find it difficult to locate the exit in such a playhouse.

3.    Garages

The open garage around your home is another likely place where a hummingbird can easily get trapped. Where an emergency door is used for your garage, a hummingbird may get attracted and get stuck inside.

4.    Storehouses

If you have a storehouse with openings, hummingbirds may easily get trapped in there. You should therefore be careful not to leave them open or to place very bright objects in such storehouses that will attract these birds.

How To Help A Hummingbird Escape

When a hummingbird gets into your house and gets trapped, there are a few things you can do to help it escape.

Whether it has to do with how to get a hummingbird out of a garage or how to get a hummingbird out of a building, these steps should do.

When you find that a hummingbird is trapped inside your house, you may do the following quickly to help out:

·         Keep Your Children and Pets Away

When a hummingbird gets trapped, it is best to keep your children and pets away from the area. This is to reduce all extra commotion that may cause a threat to the bird.

·         Turn off the Electronic Appliances

In a bid to avoid causing distractions and confusion to the bird, turn off the tv and music players, and all other electrical appliances. For instance, leaving the fan on may cause serious accidents to the hummingbird.

·         Close off all Other Tight Spots

To make it even easy for the trapped hummingbird, all additional places where the bird may get trapped should be shut off. This would require all doors to other rooms, closet doors, kitchen cabinets, and cupboard doors should be shut.

·         Put Away Red Objects

As much as possible, put away all red and flashy objects that may easily attract the bird. This would require you to put away throw pillows, decorative items, toys, and other materials that are red. Hummingbirds get very easily attracted to the color red.

 how to get a hummingbird out of a building

·         Open all Potential Exits Areas

All the areas through which the trapped hummingbird may go out should be opened. All doors, windows, and other exits should be made accessible.

A trapped hummingbird will keep flying frantically in different areas searching for an exit point. Keeping such an escape route opened and accessible will therefore be a good way to help.

·         Turn off Indoor Lights

Turning off indoor lights is a great way to make the exit points more visible to the trapped bird.

·         Put a Hummingbird Feeder Around Exit Points

Hummingbirds easily get attracted to their feeders. One way to lure the bird out is by placing hummingbird feeder in an attractive position. Using a red or bright-colored feeder will be of immense help to the trapped bird.

·         Close off all Entrances When it Exits

Where the trapped bird takes a flight outside where it is trapped, close off entrances immediately. If you can notice how the bird got in, do well to seal it off.

How To Catch A Hummingbird Without Hurting It

There may be an instance where despite all of the above being done, the trapped bird is still in captivity.

In such a situation, as a last resort, it may be necessary to pick up the hummingbird without hurting it. The bird will very likely perch somewhere when it gets exhausted. You may do the following to pick up the bird:

  • You should loosely cup your hand around the bird to give it protection from flying away. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on the bird while doing so. Be patient as this may likely take a few trials.
  • Slowly take the bird in the safety of your fingers outside and shut all entrances and doors. It is always best to take the bird directly to a feeder or nectar-producing flower for a drink.
  • Wash your hands properly after touching doing this.

How To Prevent Hummingbirds From Getting Trapped

If you are interested in seeing hummingbirds around your garden and yard, you must make a conscious effort to care for them. One way of doing so is by ensuring that they don’t get easily trapped around your house.

To ensure that they don’t regularly get trapped, kindly do the following:

  • Ensure to add screens to all open doors and windows through which they may have access to your house. Doing this greatly minimizes the chances of hummingbirds getting into a tight area.
  • Reduce the red objects visible to the hummingbirds. Due to their strong attraction to the color red, try as much as possible to minimize their access to this color.
  • Keep feeders away from entrances as this may easily lure these birds into tight places.

 how to get a hummingbird out of your house

Conclusion On How To Get A Hummingbird Out Of Your House

I believe you now understand how to get a trapped hummingbird out of your house. The occasion may arise from time to time.

When you notice a hummingbird has entered your house, you must swiftly do the needful. You must take the above steps to get the hummingbird out of your house, garage, storehouse, playhouse, or any other tight space.

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