Solar Hummingbird Mister

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Generally, birds are enticed by the sound of moving water. Therefore, setting up a bird mister in your garden or yard won’t be a bad idea for your sweet hummingbirds. There is the hummingbird mister that is powered solar and they work great.

Apart from sipping nectar, hummingbirds also need to drink water and bathe. Hummingbirds can drink morning dew if they are available. They can as well take their bath in the rain. Now imagine watching these sweet lustrous birds taking a shower in the open rain. That’s definitely fun to watch.

It’s great having a bird bath in your backyard. Now attaching a gentle mister to this bird bath will become a fancy thing to you and to hummingbirds. So having a hummingbird mister in your yard is another way of attracting our sweet feathered friends to our vicinity. It

It’s even more thrilling and comforting having a hummingbird mister that is solar powered. This means no electricity is required or extension cords. So getting a solar fountain kit won’t be a bad idea.

Hummingbird Backyard Fountain

Setting up a fountain in your backyard for our iridescent hummers is another way of drawing their attention. It will serve as both a source of drinking water as well as bird baths.

 hummingbird fountain

Hummingbirds tend to dive as well as skim the edge or surface of this bird bath fountain. The usual bird or traditional bird bath may seem a bit difficult for the hummingbird to use. This is because most of the bird baths may be too deep for them.

Therefore, we recommend you set up a very shallow or multilevel hummingbird fountain with a miniature rim. Hummingbirds can’t walk but they love to perch. So, they can grip the edge of these bird baths.

Ensure the bird bath fountain is set up in a shaded area where these birds can cool off especially during the hot summer days. If the birdbath is positioned in a very sunny or hot area, water tends to evaporate faster in the basin.

Solar Hummingbird Mister

Hummingbirds prefer taking a bath in a hummingbird backyard sprinkler or a hummingbird mister. This mister is usually commercially made to connect or attach to your garden hose.

A solar hummingbird mister makes it easier to operate. No electricity, extension cord, or battery is required. They are simply recharged or powered by solar.

All you need to do is to set up the solar collector or panel in the sun. Then insert the mister or pump into any bird bath and your solar powered misting bird bath is ready for your hummingbird’s use.

After all the multiple sipping of nectar hummingbirds indulge in throughout the day, it’s only logical they wash off all those sticky nectar from their bills. Hummingbirds won’t have to wait for the rain to rinse off nectar as the hummingbird solar mister will do just that.

 floating solar fountain for hummingbird bath

Floating Solar Fountain For Hummingbird Bath

Bird bath fountain is more than just a regular basin that contains water. An ideal bird bath solar fountain usually consists of a pump that is powered by solar. The pump helps circulate the water into a flowing, falling, splashing, or floating arrangement.

It also consists of a standard or unique structure and design that makes the most of the mist, splash, and streams.

Tips For Maintaining And Operating Solar Hummingbird Mister

Solar hummingbird mister doesn’t work with electricity but solar. Hence, it will require sufficient sunlight to run smoothly. You should also put in some effort to make your solar hummingbird mister run perfectly for your hummingbirds.

So here are some tips to maintain the solar hummingbird mister so it can keep on running smoothly:

1.    Maintain A Clean Pump

The pumps can get clogged up due to organic debris and birds activities. The pumps aren’t self-cleaning so a quick clean-up every now and then will keep the fountain flowing perfectly.

This pumps are mostly made of a plastic sponge-like filter inside and this can be easily cleaned with a good blast of the hose.

If the pump is very dirty, you can make use of a weak bleach solution of 9 parts of water to 1 part bleach. Then rinse, clean, and allow it dry. The housing of the pump can get very dirty so ensure you also clean the housing.

 solar fountain kit

2.    Maintain A Clean Water

The water should always be clean so this means regularly changing the water when needed. Debris and bird waste can clog up the pump.

The bird bath should be cleaned with a stiff-bristle brush that should be set aside or used only for bird baths or cleaning your feeders. If you notice the bath is very dry, it should be cleaned with a weak bleach of 9 part water to 1 part bleach. Then rinse it properly and allow it dry before you refill it.

3.    Clean Solar Panels When Necessary

The solar panel can get white due to calcium buildup. It can be cleaned easily by wiping the surface with some vinegar.

4.    Avoid Letting The Water Let Too Low

The water should never get too low. When the pump runs dry, it tends to burn out and destroy the pump. So avoid this.

5.    Set Up Your Solar Fountain Where It’s Visible

Hummingbird enthusiasts will definitely love the show of these birds drinking water and taking a bath. Therefore, you should set up your solar fountain where it’s visible.

 solar hummingbird mister

Additional Say On Solar Hummingbird Mister

Solar bird baths can be another wonderful addition to your yard’s bird habitat as they can draw colorful birds of different species as well as hummingbirds. It allows birds to drink at the same time bath which is intriguing.

Solar hummingbird mister works so great and you don’t need anywhere to plug for electricity. Apart from the fascinating hummingbird’s nectar sipping and acrobatic flying, and so on, the hummingbird’s bath is another fun event to witness.

Providing hummingbirds with a gentle mist of water and hummingbird solar mister will do just that. This really helps hummingbirds, especially during drought periods. This is because, in drought seasons, there are fewer flowers which means less nectar.

Also, lack of water can stress hummingbirds so when we provide them with some along with some feeders during this season, it really goes a long way for these sweet birds.

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