Flowers For Hummingbirds In California: 8 Extraordinary Species You Can’t Go Wrong With

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Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about flowers for hummingbirds in California.

They are the smallest birds in the world, and also the only ones that can fly backward – hummingbirds are, in our (immodest) opinion, among the greatest wonders of the world. The largest percentage of these can be found in Central and South America, but approximately 25 species prefer the United States.

Hummingbirds are quite common in California. Moreover, this beautiful state is an indispensable rest stop for migratory species such as Allen’s, Rufous, and Black-Chinned Hummingbirds, but also home to year-round species such as Anna’s Hummingbird.

Want to attract more species to your yard, but don’t know how? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Stay here and learn more about flowers for hummingbirds in California.

How To Attract Hummingbirds To Choose Your Yard?

First of all, before we say something more about flowers for hummingbirds in California, let us explain the ways you can influence these birds to choose you.

Honestly, it’s very easy to attract these winged creatures to your yard, as red feeders full of sweet nectar will do 99% of the job. Clean it regularly, change the nectar, always top up with a new amount, and keep ants and wasps away from it.


Additionally, focus on increasing your yard’s carrying capacity, or in other words, increasing its ability to attract these birds and support its self-sustainability without any additional human influence. This is most easily achieved by planting native nectar-rich plants. It is very important to choose plants that hummingbirds have evolved with because for some plants these birds are vital pollinators.

Furthermore, enrich your garden with red things, more specifically, plant red flowers, get red feeders, put red ribbons near food sources, etc. Why do we suggest this? – Simply because unlike hummingbirds, other insects can’t perceive red color so clearly, and thus, an abundance of nectar is available on red flowers compared to flowers of some other colors.

Now that we’ve given you a quick guide, below you’ll find some more information on flowers for hummingbirds in California, listed in order by time of bloom.

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Flowers For Hummingbirds In California

Ready for more details? Let’s go!

The Best Options For Winter

Manzanita is the common name for the genus Arctostaphylos, which is completely suitable for cultivation in countries like California. They generally grow from two inches to twenty feet tall and are adored for their shiny red or mahogany-colored bark and urn-shaped flowers that vary from pink to white.

Chaparral Currant is a member of the Grossulariaceae family and is among the most commonly planted flowers for hummingbirds in California. It is a perennial, small shrub with fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers that produce edible purple berries. 

Chaparral Seeds (Larrea tridentata) Packet of 30 Seeds

Flowers For Hummingbirds In California

If you ever get a close look at a Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry, you’ll understand why botanists have called it California’s most beautiful native plant. They are recognizable by their appearance, i.e. shiny green leaves and red pendant-like flowers. The love between the fuchsia-flowered gooseberry and the hummingbirds is mutual, the plant is pollinated by the hummingbirds, and in return, it gives them lots of delicious nectar.

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The Best Options For Spring

Pink-flowering currant is a large shrub with maple-like leaves and long, attractive flower clusters that show their charms in spring. It is an absolute “must-have” for almost every California garden. Hummingbirds simply adore their rosy-red and pink tubular flowers, especially at the beginning of the season when the plant is abundant with nectar.

If you’re thinking about planting some flowers for hummingbirds in California, don’t skip Black sage. This hummingbird’s favorite is a shrub with a pungent aroma and has dark green foliage and numerous pale lavender flowers.

Liveforever is one of the native succulents that bloom in the spring every year, and it is adorned with yellow or red flowers that hummingbirds cannot miss. Feel free to plant it in a jar and place it on the windowsill. In this way, you will be able to enjoy bird watching while doing your daily chores. 

The Best Options For Summer

Among the most attractive flowers for hummingbirds in California during the summer is the Scarlet monkeyflower. This fairly large plant bears nectar-rich red or orange-red flowers and is extremely attractive to the world’s smallest birds. In addition to it, you can also try to plant California fuchsia, because its red, tubular flowers simply cannot remain unvisited.

The Best Options For Summer

To Conclude, Flowers For Hummingbirds In California

This was the best selection of flowers for hummingbirds in California that you couldn’t go wrong with. Hummingbirds are just crazy about them. Feel free to plant them, because according to the positive feedback so far, these birds will certainly honor you with their visit.

We hope you found this article useful, and if you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the section below.

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How Do You Attract Hummingbirds In California?

All birds, including hummers, need fresh water, both for drinking and for showering. Feel free to provide a few fountains or small birdbaths to ensure that they will always return to your yard.

In addition, it would be desirable to enrich your garden with red things, more precisely, plant red flowers, get red feeders, put red ribbons near food sources, etc. The hummingbirds will thank you!

Do Hummingbirds Stay In California All Year?

Although it is mostly visited by migratory species, California has three species that stay here year-round, namely Anna's hummingbird, Allen's hummingbird, and the Calliope hummingbird.

Do Hummingbirds Like Succulents?

You wouldn't believe it, but succulents are one of the plants that attract the attention of hummingbirds. These birds will rarely miss them because they love the colors, smells, and shapes of these plants. Hummingbirds’ favorites are agave, dudleyas, aloe, gasteria, pachyphytum, and schlumbergera.

How Do You Make A Hummingbird Garden?

Although most people don't think about it, not every garden or landscape is equally suitable for hummingbirds. Accordingly, no matter what size hummingbird garden you plan, it is important that it fully meets the needs of these birds.

These are some of the conditions you must pay attention to:

- Provide enough nectar-rich flowers and supplemental hummingbird feeders.

- Create shallow misters, drippers, and basins to provide them with a sufficient source of fresh water.

- Offer adequate perches and sheltered areas.

- Come up with good options for nesting.