Best Placement For Hummingbird Feeder

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Hummingbird feeders provide the juicy and sweet nectar these birds crave. Once you’ve purchased your hummingbird feeder, getting the best placement is one major way of attracting these iridescent birds to your yard.

It’s a fascinating thing putting out your hummingbird feeders and looking forward to these lovely birds’ visit. So, placing these feeders at the appropriate spot will give you the best result for these birds to visit and make your garden a lively one.

Let’s dive in and find out where the best placement for a hummingbird feeder should be.

Why The Best Placement For Hummingbird Feeder Matter

Hummingbirds do feed a lot. For these radiant birds to thrive, they must feed at least every 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, they can visit various food sites between 1000 to 2000 times per day.

It is pretty easy to fill up and clean these hummingbird feeders and continue supplying these birds the sweet juicy nectar they crave for.

It is important to get the best placement for a hummingbird feeder to increase their visit and population to your garden. Good placement will provide a great source of food for these hungry hummingbirds. You will also enjoy watching these hummers feed and hover around your garden.

However, if your feeder is placed in a poor location, it may leak and attract unwanted insects or pests. So you need to make these visiting hummers feel comfortable and safe and also feel less threatened by predators.

Best Location Or Placement For Hummingbird Feeder

Getting the best placement for your hummingbird feeder will lure them to the right place and make them hang out longer in your yard. However, if your feeders are not positioned in the appropriate location, hummingbirds may pass them by.

when should hummingbird feeders be put out

So below we have compiled some tips to guide you on the best placement for your hummingbird feeder.

1.    Make Your Feeders Noticeable: Best Placement for Hummingbird Feeder

The best place for hummingbird feeders to be placed is in a visible location. Even though hummingbirds have sharp eye sights, if your feeders are in hidden places such as dense foliage, deep roof, and so on, they can be easily overlooked. Then you may not have a lot of these radiant birds visit your yard.

We don’t mean you should place these feeders in an open space because these birds might be reluctant to feed there. Try to find a place that is not too far from a cover so these hummers will feel safe and not too exposed while feeding.

You can make use of some bright colors and reflections around your feeders to attract them. One great color to set your hummingbird’s feeders with is red as this will make your feeders noticed more quickly.

Also, you need to consider the site where you place your feeders for your visibility. After all, one of the main reasons for luring them is to see these lovely birds hovering around and make your garden a beautiful and lively one. Watching them take those sips is as well an interesting sight to watch.

2.    Convenient

Another point to note for the best place for a hummingbird feeder is convenience. It is crucial you position your hummingbird feeders where you can reach them easily. This is so you can have easy access to cleaning and refilling them.

Doing this will help you maintain these feeders adequately. Maintaining these feeders is important to prevent contamination, pest, and unwanted insects from latching on to your feeders.

3.    Feeders Should be Close to Some Cover

These birds love to conserve energy when they can by staying under some covers every couple of minutes while they feed. We recommend you place feeders between 10 to 15 feet around some covers. You can position the feeders close to a tree, shrub, or hiding place.

4.    Spacing

Hummingbirds love to hover and maneuver while feeding. If your feeder is in a dense bush, it will limit their maneuvering making them uncomfortable. This will in turn discourage them from visiting your feeder. Therefore, put your feeders in a well spaced location that can allow them to hover around comfortably.

5.    Sunlight

Another point to consider for the best placement for a hummingbird feeder is sunlight. Direct sunlight on feeders can spoil them quickly. This will in turn make your feeders unsuitable for hummingbirds to sip.

Therefore, place your feeders where they can be shielded from direct sunlight especially during hot summer days.

best location for hummingbird feeder

6.    Protected Area

The hummingbird feeder should be placed in a protected area. Keep them away from strong winds that can tip the feeders over. Protect the feeders from rain as well so your nectar can remain fresh and uncontaminated.

Also, protect the feeders from areas where the hummingbirds can surfer fatal collisions. For instance, keep the feeders away at least 5 to 15 feet from windows and high traffic locations. This is to prevent accidental bumping which can be pretty fatal to your hummingbirds.

When Should Hummingbird Feeders Be Put Out?

Place your hummingbird feeders out at least 2 weeks before their arrival period. Different areas have various migration dates that have been estimated. So do your research and find out the migration dates of the previous year in your areas for proper guidance.

But generally, hummingbird season is around early spring so you can put your feeders out by this period.

When To Take Hummingbird Feeders Down

Ideally, your hummingbird feeders should be taken down once you’ve stopped seeing any hummingbirds two weeks past your area’s departure period.

However, you can take your hummingbird feeders down around fall or around the first sign of frost.

Conclusion On Best Placement For Hummingbird Feeder

Putting up a feeder during hummingbird season means a longer stay of these lovely birds around your yard.

Putting out your feeders requires more than simply hanging them to any branch or hook. You need to get the right placement for great results in attracting these hummers. So, be sure to consider our tips for the best placement for your hummingbird feeder.

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