How To Hang Hummingbird Feeder

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Did you achieve enough hummingbird visits to your yard or garden during the last spring? Do you wish to improve how you position your feeders so you can get enough visits from these fascinating birds? We’ve got an easy guide on how to hang your hummingbird feeder here so you can get great results.

Hummingbirds are sweet fascinating birds and a lot of people would love to have these birds hovering around their yard. One reliable way to achieve this is to position hummingbird feeders at the appropriate spots.

So if you want to learn how to hang your hummingbird feeder the right way to attract these lovely birds to your yard, then we’ve got some great tips here for you to follow.

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders are prepared solutions made from dissolving sugar in water. These feeders are used to feed hummingbirds during their seasons.

Putting out these feeders is a perfect way to attract these remarkable birds to your yard. It’s simply fascinating and magical watching the hummingbird feed on nectar and hover around your garden.

But you need to know the right way to hang your hummingbird feeder. This is because if they aren’t positioned in the appropriate places, you may miss observing these lovely birds or a good amount of these birds may not even visit your garden.

So let’s dive in and learn how to hang hummingbird feeder the right way.

Where To Hang Hummingbird Feeder

Hanging hummingbird feeders, refilling, and cleaning them properly will ensure plenty of birds stops by your yard or garden. These feeders should be easy for hummers to find and they must be in a protected and comfortable place for them to visit.

If you’re new to enticing hummingbirds with feeders or you wish to get more results from your last visit from these birds, you can simply follow our tips. We have outlined the right steps on how you can appropriately hang a hummingbird feeder in your garden or yard.

where to hang hummingbird feeder

Steps On How To Hang Hummingbird Feeder

Follow these steps on how to hang hummingbird feeder the right way and get good results:

Step 1: Choose an ideal spot

The first step on how to appropriately hang your hummingbird feeder is to select a perfect spot. Preferably, this spot should be a shady one to prevent nectar fermentation.

Hanging hummingbird feeders in a fully sunny spot will cause the temperature of the feeder to go up. Hence, the nectar solution will ferment and spoil. Now if this happens, it won’t encourage hummingbirds to visit or feed on your feeders. Thereby reducing the privilege you get to watch these fascinating birds. So, ensure you always pick a shady location.

Your feeders should be elevated to about 5 feet off the ground. Also pick a secure or protected spot such as within a bush, tree, or any natural covering.

Another thing about picking the perfect spot is to ensure your feeders are placed in a spot where you can easily see them from inside your home. After all, one of our main goals is to be able to observe these remarkable birds when we get the chance to.

Also, avoid hanging the hummingbird feeders near high traffic locations to prevent these birds from bumping into cars as they hover around.

Step 2: Obtain feeders and prepare feeder solution

Obtain the hummingbird feeder bottle. You can opt for a J-hook feeder and you can hang them over a stable branch. Some J-hook feeders may come with a metal pole for staking and hooking the feeder. We also recommend you use a saucer-style feeder so up to 6 birds can feed at once.

Then prepare your feeder solution by mixing one part or one cup of sugar with 4 parts or 4 cups of water. Mix well to dissolve the solution and fill your hummingbird feeder bottle and place it outside.

Step 3: Easy access

The next thing to consider is easy access. You are required to constantly fill the feeder at the appropriate time. So, ensure you hang the feeders in a spot where you can have easy access to do all these.

Step 4: Maintain a clean feeder

You need to clean the feeders to maintain a healthy food source for these birds. Use white vinegar and warm water in a ratio of 4 to 1. The feeder should be clean at least once a week.

Also, you need to keep ants at bay. Too much ant invasion can make hummingbirds stop feeding on your feeders. Therefore, to keep ants at bay, fill the feeder’s ant moat with water.

hummingbird feeder stake

Step 5: Hang feeders near bright spots such as flowers

Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, and so on. Hang the feeders near bright flowers or plant flowers in your garden. The goal is to make your spot visible for hummingbirds to visit.

You can as well obtain some hummingbird feeder stakes to decorate and bring style to your garden.

Step 6: Have multiple feeders

Some hummingbird species such as the male hummers can be pretty territorial and may fight over a feeding spot. To avoid this, ensure you have multiple feeding spots so birds can have different options to feed on.

Final Say On How To Hang Hummingbird Feeder

When you wonder how people attract hummingbirds to their yard, it majorly balls down to how they make their yard an enticing spot for these remarkable birds. This is why every hummingbird lover should learn how to hang their feeder the right way to enjoy continuous visitation from these sweet birds.

Once you’re able to satisfy these sweet birds every season they visit, they will always remember your spot and come visit.

Follow our outlined steps on how to hang a hummingbird feeder and get great results.

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