When Do You Put Hummingbird Feeders Out

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Many hummingbird lovers feel enthusiastic enticing these fascinating birds to their yard as their season approaches. One way to attract them is to put out hummingbird feeders. This is why it’s important you know when do you put out hummingbird feeders.

However, there isn’t an exact or accurate date to decide when to put out your feeders. But we can give you a general suggestion or an estimate to guide you.

Let’s dive in and discuss when do you put out your hummingbird feeders. We will as well be discussing when to take down your hummingbird feeders and many more. So, continue reading to learn some information on this.

What Time Of Year Do You Put Out Hummingbird Feeders?

When to put out your hummingbird feeders varies from location to location. However, the general guide has estimated this to be around spring.

You can do some extra research by finding out the appropriate and closer period to put out your hummingbird feeders in your region. You can research the previous year’s dates and match them to the current year to get a precise estimate.

But let’s give you some extra tips to guide you on the best time to put out your hummingbird feeders in spring.

Best Time To Put Out Hummingbird Feeders In Spring

Because hummingbirds may arrive earlier than we think they should, we recommend putting feeders out earlier. These remarkable birds will arrive at different latitudes and different elevations and this depends on the average temperature of that particular year.

 what time of year do you put out hummingbird feeders?

There are also some environmental signs you will notice for you to decide when to display your feeders. For instance, signs such as the first wildflowers budding along the river bottoms. Also, when you notice the early daffodils blooming, and when ornamental flowers cherries bloom first, you can put out your feeders.

However, don’t be deceived, these birds can arrive even much earlier than predicted. For instance, mild winter and a warmer spring that encourages flowers to bloom earlier can encourage these hummers to earlier than expected.

On the other hand, other environmental conditions such as hard winter or storms can as well delay their arrival a bit. But weather conditions won’t affect their migration for more than a couple of days. Generally, what triggers their migration instinct is the amount of daylight and light levels.

But generally, we can say March is the month to put up your feeder. In the southern region where hummingbirds arrive earlier, you can do early March. Then for further north regions, the end of March is fine to display your hummingbird feeder.

However, the dates may vary for other regions. Let’s take a look at some regions and their hummingbird seasons.

Putting Out Feeders According To Where You Live:

As we mentioned: where you reside matters when it comes to deciding when to put out your hummingbird feeders. So, here are some different locations in the United States and estimated periods to put out your feeder:

  • If you reside in the southern part of the country, we recommend you put out your feeders around mid-March.
  • If you reside along the Gulf coast, you can put the feeders out in late February or early March.
  • For residence of Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, mid-April is fine. Then towards the end of April, the hummingbird will migrate or arrive as far north as the great lakes and in the New England states.
  • For residence in Kentucky, Missouri, and Virginia, early April will be fine to put out your feeders.
  • In northern Michigan and Canada, hummingbirds will migrate around early May so you can put your feeder out by this time.

We can see that different location is a major determinant to putting out your feeders. So we encourage you to be aware of your residence hummingbird season.

If you always keep the habit of putting out your feeders earlier and every hummingbird season, these lovely birds will remember your generosity and always come back to your spot.

Therefore, this implies you will be having more of these hummers every spring. Thus, you may need to budget more feeders and keep them readily available for hummingbirds so they don’t go elsewhere in search of abundant food sources.

You can simply display one or two feeders around early spring. Then when you begin to notice these birds, put out extra feeders to satisfy more of these birds as they arrive.

 when do you take down hummingbird feeders

Jot Down Notes & Keep Your Calendar

One perfect way to know when to put hummingbird feeders out is to jot down and keep your personal data. Each year, jot down the migration dates of different hummingbird species. Then write down the date you first sight these birds at your feeders or flowerbeds.

The dates should be compared from each year and you would see that you can get a more accurate date to when to put your feeders out in time for these birds.

It’s better to get the right date range than to be late when putting out these feeders. If hummingbirds arrive before you display your feeders, they may end up looking elsewhere for a reliable food source. Hence your yard will be the least food source priority and you may end up missing the chance to have these amazing birds in your vicinity.

When Do You Take Down Hummingbird Feeders

Generally, hummingbird feeders can be taken down by early fall. However, you can keep them up a little longer to provide supporting food and energy to late migrating birds or stragglers.

But ideally, you should take down your feeders at the first sign of frost or when your feeder begins to freeze. You should also take down feeders once you’ve stopped noticing any hummingbirds after two weeks of their departure period.

Additional Info On When To Put Hummingbird Feeders Out

The general estimated period to put out hummingbird feeders is around spring and the precise period can vary depending on locations.

However, there are some regions that hummingbird resides all year round. Regions such as southern California and Southern Arizona are year-round. Hence, hummingbirds should be fed all year in these regions.

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