How To Make A Hummingbird Nesting Platform

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Let’s talk about how to make a hummingbird nesting platform. It may be pretty easy enticing these energetic birds to your yard by simply putting out feeders. However, creating an ideal hummingbird nesting site will require extra effort.

What most birders get to see during hummingbird season is these lovely birds buzzing around and feeding. However, these iridescent birds not only feed but also nest and breed. It’s usually rare for these birds to be seen when they nest or breed.

However, if you create the appropriate nesting platform, you may get lucky. You can get to experience watching these birds lay their eggs, hatch, and watch how their young ones grow. So let’s dive in and learn how to make a hummingbird nesting platform.

Hummingbird Nest Platform

Hummingbirds are so secretive during their nesting season. Therefore, it will take extra effort for you to get lucky and catch these birds’ nests and breed. You can however create a platform by making your backyard an enticing place for the hummingbird to nest.

The hummingbird house or nest is always in a sheltered location. The female hummingbirds are so picky when it comes to their nesting site. Factors such as wind can displace their nest which is why a well-sheltered location is required. They will consider factors that will expose their nest to adverse conditions such as rain, wind, and sun.

How Does Hummingbird Nest Look Like?

A hummingbird nest appears very small and it’s about the size of half a walnut shell. Their nest is adorned and thoroughly camouflaged with lichen, moss, and held together with spider web. A hummingbird nest looks like a small knot of wood.

The spider web is usually stretchy and will allow the nest to expand as the hummingbird’s chicks grow. Their nest can range from about 1 inch less to about 1.5.

hummingbird nest platform

How To Make A Hummingbird Nesting Platform

When it’s hummingbird’s season, they migrate to their breeding grounds, the first thing they do is collect some nectar. Then they proceed to mate and begin to build their nest.

Building a hummingbird nesting house may be a bit complex, but you can attempt doing this and get good results if you follow the right way.

The most common places hummingbirds build their nest is flat surfaces as well as intersections of branches. You can simply offer similar construction and get to attract hummingbirds to nesting in your backyard. If you’re able to mimic and create the right conditions hummingbirds consider in building their nest, they can possibly get enticed to building their nest in your yard.

Follow these tips on how to make a hummingbird nesting platform successfully:

1.    Hang some feeders

The first thing is to hang hummingbird feeders in your yard. Hummingbird feeders are made by dissolving four portions of water and one part of sugar.

The hummingbird feeder used should be insect-proof and a saucer type of feeder with feeding ports at the top. While these lovely birds work on their nest which can take about 4 to 5 days, they will require constant access or supply to nectar throughout the process.

2.    Offer some protection to the area

As we said, the hummingbird loves to build their nest in a well-sheltered location. So to create this type of sheltered area, simply plant shrubs and trees to keep the area protected from wind, rain, and sun. Make sure the trees and shrubs branch. This is because these birds like to construct their nest in the “Y” shape area where the branch gets linked.

3.    Water source

A source of water can also be supplied. These birds love to nest close to moving water sources but they always avoid stagnant water. Therefore, you can simply install a dripping or misting water source to entice these birds to nest.

4.    Attract hummingbirds with decorations

Use bright colors to decorate and attract hummingbirds. Bright colors such as red, orange, and pink can be used. Use ribbon of these colors to tie the end of branches of trees in your garden. Also, you should plant red and other colorful flowers to lure hummingbirds.

5.    Leave spider webs alone

The spider webs in your outdoor space shouldn’t be tampered with. The delicate thread of spider webs is mostly used by these birds in building and strengthening the construction of their nest.

Hummingbird House: Installing

Obtain a hummingbird house from your local garden store then install it under the eaves of your house.

Another way is to build the hummingbird house by joining short dowel rods to one another. Let this form an “X” or “Y” shape and this should create a forked form. Then this should be hanged under the eaves of your home and attach a leaf-sized sheath of plastic a couple of inches above the dowel. This will offer some form of shelter.

How To Make A Hummingbird Nest Boxes

Hummingbird loves to construct their nest on flat surfaces and in the intersection of branches. The nests of these birds are pretty small so the support system doesn’t require to be too big. However, they need to be sturdy. Therefore, imitate this condition to get a great result.

These birds will first test the stability of various branches by frequently landing on the branches again and again until they’re satisfied with the sturdiness.

To build a nesting box, you will need a quarter-inch to a half-inch of dowels to substitute for branches. Then for the support of the bottom, use a 2×2 inch or 1×4 inch block of wood. Now cut the length of wood to 6 to 8 inches.

How To Make A Hummingbird Nesting Platform: Conclusion

How to make a hummingbird nesting platform may not be so straightforward, but with the right knowledge, you can work your way around it.

Simulating an ideal platform will encourage hummingbirds to nest in your location and you can get to witness these birds at their young stage.

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