How To Rescue A Hummingbird? – The Right Thing To Do

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Rescuing a hummingbird that you know needs help is not an easy task. This is why it is important you get the right information on how to rescue a helpless hummingbird.

Hummingbirds as wildlife creatures are prone to various dangers. Dangers can come from environmental factors (such as weather), predators, diseases, or even human interventions.

It can be pretty worrying especially for hummingbird enthusiasts to encounter a helpless hummingbird and wonder what can be done to help these sweet birds. You may find them sick, trapped, injured, or stunned. Then it’s only logical for you to want to show some compassion by helping out.

So, if you come across a helpless hummingbird and you wish to know how to rescue one, that’s what we will be looking at in this guide.

How To Help A Hummingbird?

Firstly, there are things you should know when it comes to rescuing a hummingbird. In a situation where the circumstances are simple, you may be capable of helping a hummingbird if you have the right knowledge.

However, in all this, ensure you make a call through to a wildlife rehabilitator when you see hummingbird needs rescuing. These hummers are pretty different from every other regular bird. They require comprehensive handling especially when they need help.

What You Need To Know About Rescuing A Helpless Hummer

how to help a hummingbird

So, it is mostly a professional that can offer them some help which is why we always recommend you contact one. Because of hummingbirds’ comprehensive requirements, they are always in danger and practically live on the edge of a surviving mode.

Take, for instance, these birds have a very fast metabolic rate that requires them to feed constantly to replenish energy lost. The period you have to rescue a hummingbird is usually very short. In fact, the time frame may be as little as 4 to 24 hours.

But ideally, if you can make a call through a professional such as a wildlife rehabilitator, then that will be great. You should also bear in mind the laws in the United States that frown against having hummingbirds in captivity.

But if a professional can’t get to you on time, you can help the hummingbird before professional help arrives.

How To Rescue A Hummingbird Before Professional Help Arrives?

When you have established that hummingbirds need help, note that for you to rescue them, these birds only have a little time. So, before the professional you contacted gets to you, there may be some things you can do it help the bird.

If you have a phone, the professional wildlife rehabilitator may even initiate some conservation about the help you can offer the hummingbird before they get to you. You can even take some pictures and send them to the professional so they can guide you further on what to do.

Below are some tips on how you can rescue a hummingbird:

1.    Rescuing and feeding an injured hummingbird

Concerning how to rescue an injured hummingbird, you can help once you’ve established the bird is hurt and too exhausted to fly. One thing you can do is to provide the bird with some nectar for some energy.

You can do this with the help of an eyedropper. Put a few drops of nectar on the end of the hummingbird’s beak. Ensure you avoid squeezing or pushing the nectar into the bird’s mouth so you don’t drown the bird.

2.    Rescuing an abandoned nest: How To Rescue A Hummingbird?

Most times a nest may not be abandoned by the mother hummingbird. Mother hummers prefer to linger around the nest just to reduce predators from locating their offspring. She will however visit the nest to feed her chicks every 4 to 6 times per hour. This feeding can be just for seconds.

You can however watch a nest close to see if the mother comes to visit. If there are no activities from the mother for 60 to 90 minutes, then you can seek help.

After calling a professional, you can feed the baby hummers in the meantime by offering them drops of nectar. The chicks will usually open their mouth ready to receive food.

3.    Rescuing a hummingbird trapped in a garage or house

Hummingbirds may get trapped in your open garage or house because they may be attracted to your decorations especially when they’re filled with red.

Open the windows and doors for the bird to fly out. You can also hang feeders with a red color close to your window and hopefully, the hummingbird will fly to it and find its way out.

If that doesn’t work, try making your room dark by turning off the light. Hummingbirds don’t have great night eyesight. They may just fly low and with the help of a flashlight, you can locate the bird. Then gently scoop the bird in your hands and release it outside.

4.    Prolonged cold exposure

If your area is experiencing prolonged cold nights and you find a freezing hummer, you can help out by putting the bird in a closed ventilated box indoors. Check up on the bird regularly till it can fly. If it doesn’t fly the next day, call for professional help.

How To Tell If A Hummingbird Is Dying?

Telling if a hummingbird is dying may also be tricky because these wild birds may hide their symptoms. But if you suspect the bird is showing signs of sickness, you should seek help. Hummingbirds’ sickness may be fatal so they may really need help.

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Final Thoughts On How To Rescue A Hummingbird

We understand that as a hummingbird lover, you would want to do anything in your power to save a helpless hummer that is sick, injured, or orphaned. Saving a hummingbird is one complex and difficult task. This is why you need to know the right thing to do in these situations.

The time frame you even have to rescue a hummingbird is usually very small. It can be as small as 4 to 24 hours.

However, have it at the back of your mind that not all hummingbirds will survive. Just a couple of them can make it through some sort of accident, trauma, disease, and so on. So don’t be so sad you couldn’t do anything if, in the end, the hummingbird doesn’t survive your rescue.

Even the professional rehabilitators agree hummingbirds are one of the most complex birds to save when they are in crisis.

But if you’re far or unable to access a professional in time, you can still go ahead helping the hummingbird before help arrives. Look through some of our tips on how to rescue a hummingbird to give you some hints.

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