Hummingbird Season In Alabama? 3 Tips To Get More Visitors This Year

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It’s that time of year again when hummingbird season in Alabama is about to start. This tiny bird, weighing in at only a few grams flutters back to Alabama with the first signs of spring.

Hummingbirds are known for their aerial acrobatics and their long, beaks designed for extracting nectar from flowers. In preparation for hummingbird season, now is the time to stock up on nectar, colorful feeders and get ready to enjoy these little dynamos. Read along for more tips for another exciting year of hummingbird watching in Alabama!

When Is Hummingbird Season In Alabama

Are hummingbirds in Alabama yet? Hummingbird season in Alabama typically occurs from mid-March to mid-April, when these tiny birds migrate south from their northern habitats. During this time, hummingbirds flock to Alabama in search of food and warmer temperatures, often visiting the beautiful landscapes and gardens of local homes and businesses.

Due to their fluttering wings and fast-feeding behavior, hummingbirds are easily recognized by their bright coloring and distinctive humming sound. It is, therefore, no surprise that hummingbird season is eagerly anticipated by residents of Alabama each year. Whether you enjoy watching hummingbirds or simply want a splash of color in your garden, this time of year is sure to be one that you won’t want to miss!

But do hummingbirds leave Alabama in winter? Most of them do, but Alabama along with Florida has the best weather conditions for any overwintering hummingbird.

When Is Hummingbird Season In Alabama

Where To Find Hummingbirds In Alabama

Hummingbirds are most often found near sources of nectar, which in Alabama include wildflowers, gardens, and feeders. In general, the best time of day to see them is at dawn and dusk when they are actively feeding. Alabama is also home to a few species of hummingbirds that breed here, so it is possible to see them year-round.

One of the best spots to visit during hummingbird season in Alabama is undoubtedly Talladega National Forest. This forest is home to a variety of different hummingbird species, making it a perfect place to observe these birds up close.

Selma and Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuges are also great places to see hummingbirds, as both of these refuges boast large populations of these beautiful birds. Other sites worth checking out include Lake Guntersville State Park and Chewacla State Park; both of which offer excellent opportunities to catch a glimpse of hummingbirds in action.

There are a number of programs and organizations dedicated to monitoring hummingbird season in Alabama, so if you are interested in finding out where they are currently being seen, check out their websites or contact them directly.

Types Of Hummingbirds In Alabama

If you’re looking to find all the species that stop during hummingbird season in Alabama, there are a few hot spots that are sure to please. In general, Alabama is home to two species of hummingbirds: the Ruby-Throated hummingbird and the Rufous hummingbird. However, depending on the time of year, you may also find other species such as the Black-Chinned hummingbird or the Broad-Tailed hummingbird.

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Typically, Ruby-Throated hummingbirds can be found throughout most of Alabama during the spring and summer months. These insects are incredibly important pollinators for a variety of flowers and plants, so they can often be seen flitting from bloom to bloom.

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The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only hummingbird species that regularly breed in Alabama. These colorful birds are about 3-5 inches long and have iridescent green plumage on their backs and crowns. Their underbellies are white, and they have a distinct red patch on their throats (hence their name).

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are typically found near open areas with some trees or shrubs for perching. They feed on nectar from flowers and also eat small insects for protein. During the breeding season, males perform spectacular aerial displays in an attempt to attract a mate. After a female hummingbird chooses a mate, she builds a nest out of bits of bark, leaves, and plant down.

The tiny nests are often no bigger than a thimble! She lays 2-3 eggs in her nest and incubates them for about two weeks. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are fascinating creatures, and it is always a treat to spot one during hummingbird season in Alabama!

How To Attract More Hummingbirds In Alabama

Spring is hummingbird season in Alabama, and there are a few different ways to attract these tiny creatures to your yard.

How To Attract More Hummingbirds In Alabama

1. Plant Native Flowers

Some of the best plants for this purpose include red salvias, trumpet vines, bee balm, and cardinal flowers. Hummingbirds are very attracted to the bright colors of these flowers, and they will be sure to visit your garden often if you have them planted.

Transfer the plants into hanging baskets so the birds can easily access them.

2. Set Up Feeders Early

If you’re wondering when should I put out hummingbird feeders in Alabama, the answer is early spring. Positioning is also important. If you want to attract them to your feeders, it’s best to put the feeder right before the start of hummingbird season in Alabama, when there are not as many flowers blooming. That way, the hummers will be more likely to visit your feeders in search of food.

What month do you take hummingbird feeders in depends on the area, but most hummingbirds will be gone by the end of October.

3. Provide Bird Baths And Shelter

Yes, hummingbirds use birdbaths! They like to come and drink from them, and they also like to bathe in them. Hummingbirds usually bathe by flying through the mist created by a sprinkler or hose. During hummingbird season in Alabama, when temperatures are high and natural water sources might be far from their shelter, hummingbirds will appreciate the freshwater.

Alabama - Provide Bird Baths And Shelter

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to attract hummingbirds to your yard, it’s important to know when they are most active in your state. Hummingbird season in Alabama lasts from mid-March through October. The most common hummingbird in this state is the Ruby-Throated variety.

You can entice more of these beautiful birds to your garden by setting up feeders early and planting plenty of flowers that they love. What types of hummingbirds do you get in your state? Let us know in the comments below!


When should I put out hummingbird feeders in Alabama?

To attract hummingbirds to your backyard, you should put your hummingbird feeders out by late February or early March. And be sure to keep them filled with sugar water until late September or early October!

What month do you take hummingbird feeders in?

You can take hummingbird feeders down in any month, although most people take them down in the fall. In the winter, when there is little natural food for hummingbirds to eat, it's best to leave your feeder up so these birds can get the nourishment they need.

Are hummingbirds in Alabama yet?

Yes, hummingbirds typically arrive in Alabama around the beginning of March. These tiny birds can be seen feeding at flowers and feeders all over the state during the spring and summer months.

Do hummingbirds leave Alabama in winter?

Yes, hummingbirds do leave Alabama in winter. They typically head south to Central America or Mexico, where they spend the cold months. Some species of hummingbird may even migrate as far as Costa Rica!