Hummingbird Season In Houston –Their Arrival And Departure

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We will be learning about hummingbird season in Houston in this post. Houston is a city in Texas that hummingbirds also visit. Hummingbirds will visit the gardens in Houston as well as other cities in Texas.

Generally, hummingbird arriving in our region is an evident sign of spring. Spring is that time of the year where hummingbird enthusiast in various regions begins preparation for the visit of our charming feathered friends.

Usually, it’s a great idea to put out feeders much earlier even before these sweet hummers come by so we can catch them when they arrive early. So, if you reside in the city of Houston and you wish to know when hummingbird season is, we are all about that in this post.

Hummingbird Season In Houston

The season of hummingbird in Houston is spring. But how long do hummingbirds stay in Houston? To be more specific, the period length hummingbirds are known to occur in Houston is from around early April up until October ending.

However, some hummingbirds overwintering in Houston may be sighted. Therefore, we advise you leave your feeders up all year round.

 how long do hummingbirds stay in houston

When Do Hummingbirds Return To Houston?

Hummingbirds tend to return to Houston from around April. However, you may witness early arrival of hummingbirds in Houston to be as early as May.

Therefore, you should put out your feeders around this period. But we recommend you put out feeders much earlier so you can catch the early hummers arriving.

The males will arrive first to establish their territory. Then they will be followed by the female and juvenile hummers.

Once flowers start to blossom and the weather becomes more favorable, they begin to return north to their breeding ground where there will be abundant food sources.

The hummingbirds that migrate by returning to Houston begin bonding and mating. Once the female and male hummingbirds have mated, the female goes to build her nest in anticipation of the arrival of her offspring.

The female hummingbird shares the sole responsibility of taking care of her offspring. The male doesn’t take part in any of these. The male hummingbirds can mate with as many female hummingbirds as they can.

There are 3 hummingbird species common to Houston. The Ruby-throated species are the most common hummers here in Houston. We can as well find the Black-chinned hummingbird and Rufous hummingbirds in Houston.

When Do Hummingbird Migrate Out Of Houston?

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The period hummingbirds migrate or leave Houston is around October. However, there may be some hummingbird species that winter or stay all year round in Houston.

Once the length of sunlight starts to shorten hummingbirds are triggered to migrate south mostly to Central America and Mexico. This vigorous bird will gather up enough fat close to the time of its migration. They will increase their feeding habit to gain more fat and energy that will fuel their long journey.

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Hummingbird Found In Houston

So, let’s look into the details of the species of hummingbird found in Houston. Ruby-throated, Black-chinned, and Rufous hummingbirds are the most sighted species in Houston.

  1. Ruby-throated hummingbird

The ruby-throated hummingbird is the most common or sighted species of hummingbird in Houston. They are mostly spotted around spring and fall. This is usually around March to May and August to October.

Ruby-throated hummers will nest and breed here and some may even remain during winter in Houston.

Both males and females can be identified by their green plumage. However, the adult male can be distinguished from the female by its crimson throat.

  1. Black-chinned hummingbird

Black-chinned hummingbirds are moderately common in Houston, especially during winter. The male Black-chinned hummers share a similar resemblance to Ruby-throated hummingbirds. However, the throat of the Black-chinned is purplish-black instead of red.

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  1. Rufous hummingbird

Rufous hummingbirds can be sighted in Houston in small numbers. They are mostly seen starting from March up until October.

You can identify the male Rufous hummers by their brilliant orange-red plumage.

Hummingbird Migration Map In Houston

So, the following can be noted about the migration map of hummingbirds in the city of Houston:

  • Most hummingbird species will visit Houston starting from March and most of them would have departed around October.
  • Some hummingbird species may overwinter in Houston. However, this is not so common.
  • Seen commonly in Houston is the Ruby-throated hummers.
  • The male hummingbirds migrate first then the female follows a week or two weeks later.

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Attracting Hummingbirds To Your Garden In Houston

Hummingbird enthusiasts always put in measures to attract these iridescent birds to their vicinity. If you want more visits from these lustrous birds, here are things to put in place to attract them to your garden or yard:

  • One productive way of attracting hummingbirds to our yard is to hang feeders filled with nectar solutions. Try to put out your feeders even before their estimated arrival period.
  • Plant some attractive flowers. There are some plant varieties known to entice hummingbirds. Some of them include Autumn sag, Butterfly weed, Daylily, Fuchsia, Esperanza, Firebush, and many more.
  • Decorate your garden with as much red as possible. Making use of red feeders and planting brightly colored flowers is part of this. You can as well tie or hang some red ribbon around your garden.
  • Provide some perching spots for hummingbirds so they can rest between feeding. These hummers love to perch close to their favorite feeding spots or close to their nest.
  • You can also supply water sources for hummers. Just like every other bird, hummingbirds also love birdbath.

Additional Say On Hummingbird Season In Houston

 hummingbird season in houston

Hummingbird season can differ for different regions. Hummingbird season in Houston usually begins as early as March up until October ending. So, by October, most migrating species of hummers would have departed from Houston to their wintering habitat.

There are 3 main hummingbird species popular in Houston. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the most commonly sighted here in Houston. Then we can as well find the Rufous hummingbird and the Black-chinned hummers here in Houston.

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