The 8 Best Solar Bird Bath Bubblers

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Cristina

A solar bird bath bubblers are a great way to provide hummingbirds with clean water and refreshment. Due to their size, they can’t use the conventional deep birdbath and fountains. However, you can add the solar bird bath bubblers to any existing bath or shallow pot.

Here’s how the bubblers work and how they attract hummingbirds.

What Is A Solar Water Bubbler

Solar water bubblers are convenient and compact additions to your garden. Unlike the heavy concrete fountains that are expensive and complicated to set up, the solar bird bath bubblers run on sunlight. They don’t have any cords ruining the aesthetic of your garden.

Depending on your budget, you can get a bath with a solar bubbler or purchase the bubbler and add it to a persisting pot.

Solar bid bath bubblers are easy to upkeep; all you have to do is clean them once a week. They don’t require any special mounting and will run as long as there’s enough sun.

Do Hummingbirds Like Water

Hummingbirds like water, but they don’t approach it as other birds do. Hummingbirds can’t walk or hop, so the only way they get closer to a water source is if there’s a perching spot. They’re small, so they need a shallow birdbath.

Do hummingbirds drink from bird baths in the summer? They do! As long as the solar bird bath bubbler is easy to access, the hummingbird will enjoy the refreshment.

How Solar Bird Baths Work

They’re cheap and easy to install, but how do solar powered bird bath fountains work? Solar bird bath bubblers consist of 3 parts, the solar panels, which convert sunlight into energy; the pump, which drives water up; and a nozzle.

Smaller models come with waterproof solar panels that fit into the birdbath. Greater bird bubblers have larger solar panels that you can fit besides the fountain.

All you have to do is pick a sunny spot and add enough water. Then, replace the water regularly so there won’t be any algae, larvae, and debris accumulation.

The Best Solar Bird Bath Bubblers

1. Viajero 3W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath

This solar bubbler will make all the difference if you already have a birdbath. It comes with 7 nozzles for different water flow patterns and heights. You can adjust it to the hummingbirds using the shorter nozzles and use the taller ones outside the hummingbird season.

The solar panels are versatile; you can mount them on the wall or insert them into the ground. The pump is small and compact, while the price is very reasonable.

2. Aisitin DIY Solar Water Pump Kit

Keen on DIY projects? Then this is one of the best solar bird bath bubblers that fits almost any birdbath. It comes with 6 water sprays, 7foot long wire, waterproof solar panels, and a 1.5W water pump.

The Aisitin bubbler has 20,000 hours lifespan and starts automatically as soon as the sun shows up.

Solar Bird Bath Bubblers

3. SZMP Solar Fountain Upgraded Glass Panel

This is one of the most compact solar bird bath bubblers with an integrated pump, solar panels, and nozzle into a single unit. Forget the cords and solar panels; this unit has all you need, plus a filter to keep the debris away from the 3.5W pump.

The glass top is not there only to provide a luxurious feel. It helps transmit the sunlight and accumulates up to 4 hours of energy. The energy is used at night when the multicolored OLED lights set the ambiance in your garden.

This solar fountain comes with 7 spray styles and can shoot off water up to 20 inches.

4. Enhon Bird Bath with Solar Fountain

Need full solar bird bath bubblers set for your garden? Then the lightweight green bath and solar bubbler combination are the ones. The design is simple so that it can blend with any garden. The tub is made of polypropylene and resin, making it highly resistant. The inside unit has integrated solar panels, a 1.4W pump, and 6 different nozzles.

Rods come included so you can fit the unit to the bath and keep the water from spraying outside.

5. Mumtop Hummingbird Outdoor Glass Birdbath with Metal Stand

Do birds like solar fountains with painted birds on them? Absolutely! This is one of the most mesmerizing bird baths you will come across. A glass bowl decorated with 3 hummingbirds and 3 tubular flowers stands on a metal stand with an integrated solar LED.

If you feel your hummingbirds stay away from a bubbler, this is a good choice. Unfortunately, while the bath holds water, it doesn’t come with a water pump.

Solar Bird Bath Bubblers

6. Goldflower Solar Fountain

Bring some fun to your boring bird baths with this bubbler. All it needs is 3 seconds of full sunlight to turn on and gather all the hummingbirds. It turns off automatically when there’s not enough water.

You can use in a bath you already own, a fountain or other water body around the garden.

7. Maggift Hanging Solar Powered Bird Bath

This highly decorative birdbath is ideal for those without a garden. The hanging bath comes with a solar-powered LED, which turns on as soon as it gets dark to add some coziness to your balcony.

The dish is made out of glass and painted with a vibrant peacock. If you don’t have experience with solar bird bath bubblers, this is a good starting point.

8. Golden Bird Bath and Solar Powered Fountain

Add a vintage feel to your garden with solar bird bath bubblers in bronze color. The bath is made of polypropylene and comes with a bubbler unit and 2 birds perched on the edge.

You can decorate the base with flowers and draw in even more hummingbirds!

Bottom Line: Upgrade Your Garden With A Bird Bath Bubbler

Solar bird bath bubblers are an inexpensive and fun way to secure fresh water and refreshment for your hummingbirds during summer. Make sure that the bath has a perching spot as hummingbirds get heavy when soaked and can’t fly right away.

Pick a spot with no shade. Some solar bird bath bubblers are too sensitive and will stop working at the first sign of shade.


Do solar powered bird bath fountains work?

Yes, all they need is full sun. Choose a spot with no shade from trees so they can work the whole day.

Do birds like solar fountains?

Birds love solar fountains in summer. They're a safe and quick refreshment. Make sure to keep the bath and water clean.

Do hummingbirds drink from bird baths?

Hummingbirds might drink from shallow bird baths. Unfortunately, they can't hop into the bath, so you need to provide a perching spot for them to stop and drink.