When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs?

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Hummingbird nesting and laying of eggs is another remarkable event to witness. But do you know what period hummingbirds do lay eggs?

Every spring, these sensational birds return to our gardens, parks, and so on and they bring their charming and fascinating activities. Hummingbird enthusiasts always prepare and look forward to their season and devise means to entice these lovely birds to their yard.

But we mostly see these birds at their full-grown stage and when they feed. Their early stage of life is as well an interesting phase that you wouldn’t miss and nesting and egg-laying is part of this early phase. So this is why we will be discussing when do hummingbirds lay their eggs.

When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs?

The most frequent month for hummingbirds to lay their eggs is around May. However, the period these charming hummers nest and lay their eggs can slightly vary from location to location.

Capturing hummingbirds in their early stage as they make a new generation of baby hummingbirds is also an extraordinary occurrence to witness.

Once the female hummers begin to build their nest, then it’s time for eggs laying. Hummingbirds are experts at concealing or camouflaging their nests. So this can make them almost impossible to find even when you’re watching. This is why we have put together some tips and guide for you to follow when looking for their nest.

Hummingbirds that migrate usually have a shorter period of spring and summer to nest and breed. However, hummers that do not migrate and reside all year round have more freedom of when the period to lay their eggs. The Allen hummingbird species of non-migrating South California tend to lay their eggs in November.

Usually, the majority of hummingbirds that migrate do lay their eggs within 5 days of their arrival.

How Hummingbirds Lay Their Eggs

Hummingbirds will only lay 2 eggs and she will lay them one at a time. Each egg is laid one day apart and incubation doesn’t begin until the second egg is laid. Their eggs are very white and tiny.

 hummingbird nesting season

What Time Of Year Do Hummingbirds Hatch?

Once the eggs are laid, the incubation process commences. Then hummingbird eggs can take around 14 to 21 days to hatch and this depends on the hummingbird species and weather conditions.

Hummingbird eggs require warmth and should not overheat so they can hatch successfully. Ideally, the mother will sit on the eggs every hour for 50 minutes so the egg can remain moderately warm. Therefore, the mother has about 10 minutes to leave the nest to feed every hour.

Events After Egg Hatching

The eggs hatch to give rise to hummingbirds’ little ones which are bald and have their eyes closed. They depend on each other and their mother for warmth and survival. This is why if only one egg is hatched or if only one egg is laid, the chances of survival are minimal.

After 14 days, the little hummers can begin to open their eyes. Then 4 days after, real feathers will begin to grow and their eyes can be completely open.

With another 10 days, the hummingbird babies would have grown to full size and are ready, alert, and hungry.

When Do Hummingbirds Nest?

The period hummingbird nest lay their eggs varies with different locations. Breeding can commence as soon as March in the southern region of the United States. Contrastly, this process may not begin until around July when it’s cooler.

Other western species such as Anna’s hummingbird may commence nesting as soon as the first winter rains in November.

Before hummingbirds begin their nesting to raise their little ones, they have to be in the appropriate location and also find the right mate. This process can take several weeks.

Where Does Hummingbird Nest?

These birds don’t nest in birdhouses. Hummingbirds are quite picky when it comes to their nesting site and it can take several days for them to decide on where to nest. When the female hummers are ready to mate, they begin to build their nest.

The female hummingbirds may try out several nesting locations and then finally settle on a spot to build. Their nesting site needs to be shielded from the scorching sun and strong winds. The nesting site also needs to be shielded from rain and predators.

 what time of year do hummingbirds hatch

During hummingbird nesting season, species such as the Ruby-throated hummingbird have developed special adaptations and they can nest on plant hangers, wires, and other man-made objects.

However, the majority of Ruby-throated species favor the cover of deciduous trees that grows close to water. This way, the tree foliage can supply shelter for the parent hummingbirds and their little ones. At the same time, the water will assist in cooling their surroundings. These birds also require reliable food sources which include nectar.

Other ideal nesting locations include thicket-like shrubs and a sheltered fork of a tree. Also, these birds have been known to build their nest in a more perilous position.

They will generally position their nest around 3 to 60 feet above the ground.

What Is Hummingbird Nest Made Of & How Do They Look Like?

It’s good to have an idea how hummingbird nests look like so you know what you’re looking for. These birds use natural materials to build their nest so it remains soft and flexible.

They start building their nest with twigs and other small pieces of plants. They use leaves for their base and they also make use of spider silk. But they also make use of lichen and moss to camouflage their nest.

Therefore, the hummingbird nest looks like a small knot of wood. Hummingbird eggs and chicks are sheltered and kept safe due to their camouflage and shape.

How Can You Find A Hummingbird Nest?

It’s not so easy spotting hummingbird nests as they are masters at hiding their nests. However, the best places you can look to find them are on thin, forked branches and in dense shrubs.

Keep in mind that their nest usually looks like a tree knot so if you spot an oddly placed knot, you may have found one.

Another way to spot their nest is to carefully and patiently watch their behavior. When you observe from a distance, you may notice a female frequently visiting the same site during the process of her nest building.  This way, you can get lucky by following the female hummingbird’s flight pathway sand lead you to her nest.

Conclusion On When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs

We hope with the points we listed out in this post, you are enlightened on when hummingbirds do lay eggs. We also hope you can spot a nesting site so you can witness the nesting and laying of hummingbird eggs.

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