Male Vs Female Hummingbirds

Let’s talk about male vs female hummingbirds. With so many species of hummingbirds hovering around the sky, have you ever wondered which gender you’ve been observing? It isn’t so difficult determining which gender of hummingbirds you have been observing. Identifying their gender is as simple as looking at their color. Then with some more guidance, … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Come Out At Night?

Do Hummingbirds Come Out At Night

Ever wondered what hummingbirds do at night or where they go at night? Do you know if hummingbird comes out at night? Let’s take a look into the life activities of hummingbirds at night. These small but might captivating birds are some of the most amazing birds known in the world. They never cease to … Read more

What Do Hummingbirds Feed Their Babies?

Ever wondered what type of food hummingbirds feed their babies with? Let’s find out. Another remarkable event to witness is hummingbirds feeding their young ones. However, most people don’t get to see this because hummers are pretty good at hiding their nests where their babies grow. Hummingbird’s young ones have some feeding requirements for them … Read more

How Do Hummingbirds Mate?

How Do Hummingbirds Mate

Ever wondered how do hummingbirds mate? Let’s look into that in this post. These gorgeous little birds have made so many birders fall in love with them. This makes so many people enthusiastic to prepare for their arrival and also love to know more about them. Hummingbirds bring so much joyous activities to people’s vicinity … Read more

What Insects Do Hummingbirds Eat?

What Insects Do Hummingbirds Eat

Many times, emphases have always been made on nectar when it comes to feeding hummingbirds. But did you know hummingbirds also eat bugs? Do you ever wonder if hummingbirds eat insects such as wasps, bees, ants, and so on?  Let’s take a look at what insects hummingbirds do eat and how it affects their diet. … Read more

What Does Baby Hummingbirds Look Like?

What Does Baby Hummingbirds Look Like

What most people get to see during the hummingbird season are the adult hummers. It may be quite rare to spot babies hummingbirds especially the ones that just hatched from their eggs. Do you ever wonder what baby hummingbirds does look like? We will describe and show you what they look like in this post. … Read more

How To Make A Hummingbird Nesting Platform

How To Make A Hummingbird Nesting Platform

Let’s talk about how to make a hummingbird nesting platform. It may be pretty easy enticing these energetic birds to your yard by simply putting out feeders. However, creating an ideal hummingbird nesting site will require extra effort. What most birders get to see during hummingbird season is these lovely birds buzzing around and feeding. … Read more

When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs?

When Do Hummingbirds Lay Eggs

Hummingbird nesting and laying of eggs is another remarkable event to witness. But do you know what period hummingbirds do lay eggs? Every spring, these sensational birds return to our gardens, parks, and so on and they bring their charming and fascinating activities. Hummingbird enthusiasts always prepare and look forward to their season and devise … Read more