What Do Hummingbirds Make Their Nest Out Of? The 3 Best Thing You Can Provide

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Have you ever wondered what do hummingbirds make their nest out of? Since we can’t provide them with birdhouses, is there anything you can set out for them to pick up and build the nest?

Hummingbirds take their duty of nest-building seriously. Some species start building less than a week after they migrate to their breeding ground. The nest has to be well hidden, flexible, and near a spot where the mother bird can easily access food.

What makes it special is the materials used; while most birds gather twigs, hummingbirds look for cozier materials. Read on to learn what do hummingbirds make their nest out of.

Where Do Hummingbirds Build Nests

Hummingbird eggs are often the target of larger birds, rats, squirrels, snakes, and other predators. Even though the hummingbird doesn’t leave the nest, a predator might snatch both the mother and the eggs if the position is not safe.

So where do hummingbirds put their nests? To protect the unborn hummingbirds, female hummingbirds build the nest at 10 to 90 feet in height. They prefer older trees with rich foliage which camouflages their nest. Hummingbird nests are often hard to reach; even a human hand can’t squeeze in between the dense branches.

Where Do Hummingbirds Build Nests

What do hummingbirds make their nest out of is crucial because it has to be strong enough to withstand wind at such height. At the same time, it has to blend in with the surrounding.

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Why Hummingbirds Don’t Use Birdhouses

If you’re looking to help the hummingbird mothers, you’ve probably looked for some birdhouses. The truth is, hummingbirds don’t use birdhouses. They know what their nest needs to have, and their animal instinct leads them to the right spot. You might try to put a birdhouse higher up on a tree, but it’s not certain that they will use it.

Conventional birdhouses are closed with a roof which hummingbirds avoid. They’re also too big, so the hummingbird will lose too much energy trying to warm the eggs before hatching. What do hummingbirds make their nest out of that makes it so comfortable and secure? The hummingbird builds a tiny yet flexible nest that can accommodate the birds after hatching.

How do you protect a hummingbird nest? Keep your pets away from the older trees and shrubs in your garden and deter predators like rats, snakes, and squirrels. Avoid moving around the nest so you won’t scare away the hummingbird.

Do Hummingbirds Reuse the Nest

Hummingbirds never reuse a nest. Will a hummingbird abandon her nest after the baby hummingbirds fledge? Yes, she leaves the nest and if she mates again during the season, she will build a new nest.

However, the hummingbird will return to build a nest in the same area, if she found it to be safe enough. What do hummingbirds make their nest out of won’t withstand the weather changes for more than a few weeks.

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What Do Hummingbirds Make Their Nest Out Of

What Materials Do Hummingbirds Use For Nests

If you’re looking to help the hummingbird build a strong nest and save energy while sourcing the materials, you can provide some in your garden. To know what to provide, you need to know what do hummingbirds make their nest out of. Below are the 3 most common materials.

1. Spider Silk

While you can’t really source spider silk and provide it to the hummingbird, you can leave a few webs around your garden when the hummingbirds start to arrive. Spider silk is gentle, stretchy, and good bonding material that they use for the walls of the nest.

Spider silk is more than beneficial; hummingbirds also source their protein intake from the webs!

2. Flexible Twigs And Fibers

Small twigs, vines, and fibers are crucial for the durability of the hummingbird nest. The female hummingbird uses them to build the walls together with the spider silk, and often with pine resin! She will use some at the foundation as flooring.

3. Dandelion Down

Dandelion down, together with softer fibers, makes the insulation of the nest. The hummingbird stomps the down on the bottom of the nest to keep it cozy for the eggs. You can also provide some soft materials like raw, unbleached cotton, linen fibers, and bird down.

How Hummingbirds Protect Their Nest

We learned what do hummingbirds make their nest out of, but how they protect this fragile build? The mother hummingbird is very defensive and aggressive when it comes to her eggs. She lets out loud chirps nonstop until she chases away the intruder. She will even initiate a fight if the intruder comes too close.

Most hummingbirds don’t have to worry about predators as their nests are well hidden and unreachable. If you wonder how do you find a hummingbird nest and is it possible, look for the tall bushy trees in your garden. If there’s a hummingbird flying in and out of the tree crown constantly, she’s either building a nest or feeding her young.

When Do The Hatchlings Leave The Nest

The stretchy nest accommodates the eggs up to 4 weeks after they hatch. Once the mother shows the babies where to get food and how to fly, they start their independent life. Hummingbirds are solitary birds; they don’t live in families or couples. The fledging period is the single time they live and move as a group.

Bottom Line: What Do Hummingbirds Make Their Nest Out Of?

Hummingbird nests are so small and well secluded that it makes you wonder what do hummingbirds make their nest out of? They use plant fiber, twigs, dandelion down, grass cutting, tree resin, and spider silk to build a secluded, flexible nest.

The hummingbird starts building as soon as she reaches the breeding territory and finishes the nest in a week.


How do you find a hummingbird nest?

Hummingbird nests are hard to find; they're located on tall trees up to 90 feet off the ground between dense foliage.

Where do hummingbirds put their nests?

Hummingbirds pick older trees with large tree crowns, away from too much human traffic and predators.

How do you protect a hummingbird nest?

The best way to protect a hummingbird nest is to stay away from it, keep your pets like cats and dogs away and chase away potential predators from your garden.

Will a hummingbird abandon her nest?

A hummingbird never abandons her nest while there are still eggs or fledglings inside. She will abandon the nest after the fledging leave or if she gets captured by a predator.